Top 5 Local Restaurants – #4

Coming in at #4 of my top 5 local restaurants is…

The Silver Skillet.

I love this place.

It’s a dive.

And it’s freaking awesome.

And I may have already done a little write up on it here. But once, is never enough.

silver skillet

And I’m not the only one who adores this place. Just ask Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. (I told you it was good.)

The food is nothing short of perfect diner fare. With a menu that offers everything from red-eye gravy and chicken noodle soup to banana pudding and lemon meringue pie.

But the food isn’t the only reason to enjoy this place. The people watching is pretty spectacular too.
at the counter

So, if you’re ever in Atlanta, make it a point to make a pit stop here. If you happen to visit for breakfast I recommend the French Toast with a side of bacon. If you hit them up at lunch, you most certainly cannot go wrong with a good old fashion cheeseburger.

Just be sure to be polite to your waitress (especially the one who wears the dickie) and make sure you tip well.


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7 responses to “Top 5 Local Restaurants – #4

  1. We have a diner in Louisville called the Twig and Leaf. I thought it was a veg-head joint for the longest time until I was dragged there. And I had the most awesome hot brown ever.
    But my favorite diner is Jimmie’s Diner in Brooklyn – they have cornbread bowls and I could live off them.

  2. Lori Schmidt Lutze

    In Milwaukee a Kopp’s burger is to die for….

  3. rhooby

    yes, yes silver skillet!!!! bestest breakfast!!!!

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  6. Dick Slattery

    Wish I’d been at the Silver Skillet today. Nothing to compare with it here in Tuscaloosa. Maybe they’ll branch out and come to town like DePalma’s did. One can only hope.

  7. I think we are food twins. I love this joint too. Hell, any place that sells candy cigarettes is a must visit (look for them by the checkout). And, I have to go with a meat and 2 here. The cabbage is ridiculous and so are the mashed potatoes.

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