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an afternoon case of

i don’t want to work has stricken me down in my prime. well, that and the sheer exhaustion from my lack of sleep last night. so i’m posting again for the second time today. i know. shocking!

so i have a weekend project for everyone. in honor of the greatest 80’s movie director ever, i would like for everyone to watch a john hughes movie this weekend. i don’t care if you dust off your old vhs copy of Sixteen Candles or go rent Mr. Mom, this man needs to be honored and his movies treasured.

i will be tuning into Bravo because i will bet you dollars to spudnuts they will be running a John Hughes marathon tomorrow.

Grab your carrots, make some beanie weanies, enjoy your sushi with rice, raw fish, and seaweed and settle into a nice cozy couch right in front of your tv set and remember that you will always, and I mean always heart Jake Ryan.


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