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living on the edge


This is Gus.
Gus is our my cat.

Gus is strange.
I mean really strange.
{Please reference the photo above if there is any doubt.}

This is Gus…
staring at himself in the mirror…
while sitting on the mantle.

And this is Gus getting comfortable on the mantle.

And even though he wrecks the house, does unspeakable things to paper, licks my hair in my sleep…

I cannot resist this sweet face.


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The blessing & the curse…of having pets.

It goes without saying that I adore my pets.  They are without a doubt the most loving animals in the world and I’m not entirely sure I could ever imagine my life without them.
libby and justice

They are however, slightly destructive. 

That? Yeah, that’s the windowsill in our bedroom.  Scratched to the high heavens from the dogs trying to leap out the window at any and all passersby.


Shocking, I know.  Two border collies and a cat destructive? It’s incredibly hard to believe. 

Two dogs that tear through the house and one cat that just claws everything in sight.  It’s pretty much a circus around here.  Where the real problem lies is in getting nice things.  We tend to avoid buying nice comforters because the dogs destroy them.  In the time we have lived in this house, I think we have already been through 3 duvet covers.  We finally gave up and just stuck with the down comforter.  It too is ruined, but my husband won’t let me I can’t justify buying something nice when the dogs will inevitably tear it up or just dirty it up. 

What’s a girl to do? Especially when she’d rather have a comforter/quilt that resembles this

Instead of this


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Meet Gus

So I’ve talked about my sweet Border Collies, Libby and Justice, quite a bit before. After all, they are pretty much the most amazing dogs in the world. AND they love being photographed.

What you might not know though, is that I also have a cat. His name is Gus. He’s 11, he’s stubborn, and he DETESTS having his picture taken. Thus the reason for the lack of Gus posts.
After all, who likes reading posts with no photos?
I don’t.
It’s boring and wordy and boring.

Today though, I actually have photos. Well, that’s if you can call them photos.

Just so you can get an idea of what a normal photo of Gus looks like, let’s start here:

No, that’s not your eyes playing tricks on you…
That’s just Gus in motion.
A lot of motion.

Next typically comes this kind of shot:
You know, the one where he’s still just long enough to actually GET a photo of him, just not a good photo…

But on this one particular day, he sat there long enough for me to snap this little number:

gus the cat

Okay, so he still looks he might gnaw your face off, but he’s not moving. And that my friends is a photo miracle!

I can’t promise that there will ever be another photo of Gus here, because truth be told, he’d rather rub his face against the camera than smile into the lens.


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