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Back to the daily grind.

Too bad it’s not coffee grinds. I could use some good coffee about right now. After having been on vacation for the past week, I’m beat. I tell ya, going on vacation is exhausting. I mean all that doing nothing really takes the wind out of your sails.

And while I’d rather be enjoying scenes like this:

and this…

I’m staring at this.

Thank goodness it’s Tuesday. I cannot even imagine the mood I’d be in if it were Monday.


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No, I’m not a SNOB, but I did eat there last night.

And grazed on pork belly, corn bread, and the most insanely delicious vegetable plate I’ve ever eaten in my life.

See, I’ve been chilling in Charleston, SC for the past 3 days and have pretty much eaten my way through the town. From pralines to moon pies, I’ve done some serious damage. Sadly though, I’m here to spend free time by the pool, so the combination of stuffing my face at restaurants like SNOB and getting in bathing suits has been a fairly traumatic experience. However, I’ve done it. And been mortified the whole time. Luckily, these people have no idea who I am so I’ll leave relatively unscathed.

I will, however, leave with crab cakes and fried shrimp dancing in my head.

Because kids, Charleston is what my food dreams are made of.


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