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Blink and you miss it

Hard to believe, but the weekend is already over. Ashley’s parents are at the airport ready to head home. Ashley is sitting at his desk working. And I have one last day to enjoy before stepping back into a world of daily panic attacks.

Didn’t his parents just get here? Where did the weekend go? I’m always amazed how fast time goes by and am constantly wishing they could last a little bit longer. Maybe it’s because this particular weekend was chocked full of entertainment. I mean we managed to see Georgia’s homecoming, dine out at 14 different restaurants (exaggerating of course), and still had time for some sightseeing.

Before I post any pictures, I know what you’re going to say. “Oh my god she went back there – AGAIN.” Well I did. I can’t help it. I’m obsessed. But in all honesty, my mother in law had never been before and if you love Atlanta, you want to learn more about it’s history. There’s no better place to learn than Oakland Cemetery. And no, I won’t bore you with all the details, because trust me, neither one of us has that kind of time. So in typical Katie fashion, I’ll just show you pictures.

oakland cemetery

state capitol building.
(okay, so I lied…that’s the state capitol in the background)


(This is “Tweet”…and it was someone’s pet mockingbird. Just ignore the fact that there’s a lamb on the headstone…)





And I promise it will be at least a month before I mention this place again.

I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did.
Happy Monday everyone.

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me. as a tourist.

I came across a really cool blog post the other day where the author was viewing her city as a tourist. It reminded me of a goal I set for myself some time ago via a website called “43 Things”. (If you’re interested in what my goals are/were, as I haven’t checked in on my list in quite some time, feel free to click here.)

Like I said, I actually set that goal for myself. I know I complain about Atlanta a lot, but there really are some great little treasures here. One of my favorite places in this city is actually a cemetery. I really hope that doesn’t freak you out, but I absolutely love Oakland Cemetery. When I go, taking my camera is an absolute must. The statues are amazing and the history is truly fascinating.

oakland cross

oakland statue redone

oakland cemetery confederate

So…wherever you are, whatever city that may be, get out there and check it out. Explore your surroundings and see what treasures you find. Then report back to me with all the fun things you discovered.


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I just got home from visiting with my friend at her place of business. Unlike most of us, she doesn’t live in a cube world. She doesn’t stare at a computer screen. She doesn’t answer to 42 different bosses. She basically runs an art gallery here in town. Yes, my sweet dear friend is surrounded by beauty all day.

So maybe you and I aren’t so lucky. Maybe you and I do have to stare at a computer screen.
Maybe you and I do have to answer to 42 bosses, but I bet you find a way to surround yourself with beauty, don’t you?

For me it can be as simple as playing with my dogs….

March 15, 2009 005

Or messing around with old photos I’ve taken…
berry college

oakland cemetery confederate


But I do find a way. Somehow I make sure to find the beauty in something.

Because life would just be too ugly if I didn’t.

So, tell me…
How do you find beauty in your everyday life….?


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