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mama’s boy, athens, ga

 mama's boy

Guys, it was a good weekend.  No. Scratch that. It was a fantastic weekend.  Because I visited my sweet little Athens, GA.

Just so you understand, I went to the University of Georgia.  In Athens.  And Athens is truly my own little piece of heaven. Without sounding like a love sick bumbling idiot, I’ll just say this….
The campus is pristine (albeit insanely hilly), the downtown scene is noteworthy (thank you 40 Watt, Georgia Theatre), and the food is pretty much on par with any major city around.  Not bad for a little college town.

So I think you’ll understand my excitement in visiting one of the most glorious of cities on earth.
And…it should come as no surprise that we ate well. Because we love food.
Especially breakfast food.
And that’s why we hit up Mama’s Boy.
Because when a restaurant serves food that looks like this…
banana bread w caramel sauce
You know you are right where you belong.


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Too soon…

The news just keeps getting worse around here…
First, two molotov cocktails were left on the front step of a recording studio inches from my house.
Then I find out that UGA VII has passed away of an apparent heart attack.

One word – sad.

While UGA VII’s passing probably isn’t significant to most of you, it’s pretty serious to us Georgia fans.

UGA VII was cute.
Okay, he was cute as hell.
And there is no doubt he will be missed.
I, for one, will miss the little guy.

And that face.




And boy did he have a face.


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Another game day in Athens…?


The husband and I headed back up to Athens yesterday for the Georgia- Auburn game.  Now if you’ve read this site before, you know that I’ve already been to two other games this season.  What I may not have mentioned is that while I was attending the University of Georgia, I went to a combined total of 2 games…

In 4 years.

Unfortunately, I married a football fanatic.  Probably has something to do with the fact that he went to a college that had no football team *Cough Hampden-Sydney*. (WHAT?) And grew up with a school that’s football team has seen some struggles over the past few seasons (UVA).  He’s found a semi-decent team in the Bulldogs, this season notwithstanding, and has enjoyed heading up for game day in Athens more than I ever could have imagined.

Now I won’t bore you with a million more pictures of the same thing.  All you need to know is that Georgia won. 

Yes, they actually won.


It was a Thanksgiving miracle kids.

But now I want to talk to you about this:
auburn tent




Want to take a guess as to what this is?

A zen tent?
A meditation room?
A smoke den?

No kids, it’s a bathroom.
On the sidelines.
And I’m disgusted. And so were all of my neighbors. And my UGA neighbors weren’t quiet about it either. They made sure that every Auburn player that entered that tent was warned fully as to how disgusting that on the field toilet was.

One of the players actually made an effort to show some form of hygiene after exiting the tent by pouring bottled water on his hands. Unfortunately, that wasn’t good enough for the Georgia fans as one shouted…

“That’s not hand sanitizer!

That’s not gonna kill H1N1!”

And yet the players continued to use said tent.

And we continued to be disgusted.

And now I’ll never be the same.


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good thing I walked today

With the in-laws visiting this weekend, there was no doubt we’d be eating well.

Last night was no different. Didn’t matter that we were in Athens, Georgia. Wouldn’t have mattered if we were in Kansas City. All that mattered was that we were going to be eating good food. And eat good food we did.

At a little place called 5&10.

It’s a fair assumption to make that I love this restaurant.
It’s quaint, cute, and it’s local. (not a chain.)

{risotto with lobster and bacon}

{blackened redfish}

Because who are we kidding? You certainly aren’t getting food like this at a chain…

(Not shown: lobster bisque, stone crabs, and copious amounts of wine)


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a place called home


Even though I haven’t lived in Athens, Georgia since 1998, part of me still feels like it’s home. I know it’s probably just me getting all gooey and sentimental, but truth be told, that little town makes me happy.

Ashley and I took his parents up there for Homecoming and although his dad had been there before, this time was different.
It was sunny.
And a sunny day in Athens can make you forget about all of your troubles in the world. Clearly, it was exactly what I needed. Who needs meds when you can take a quick drive to Athens?

Long story short, Georgia won their Homecoming game, scored lots of points, and looked pretty fantastic on the field. But I don’t go for the football. I go for the pomp and circumstance. I go for the excitement. I go for the people watching.

There are no words. These hats are bloody brilliant.

And this shirt pretty much speaks for itself because if you’re a Georgia fan you despise Auburn, Tennessee, and Clemson, but somehow this shirt leaves out the most hated rival of all, Florida.

I kinda forced the in-laws to pose for pictures too. Once I get that camera in hand, I tend to get a little bossy.
Cute, right?

And I realized that this post reads like a Faulkner novel as I have a serious issue with typing in a stream of consciousness type manner. Could be that I had two glasses of wine earlier…or could be that I’m exhausted.

Do you know much I actually exerted myself today?
Hello? My days are spent sitting in a chair in a wildly small cubicle. The most I do is walk 2 feet from my desk to the printer. Not exactly what I would refer to as taxing.
Now hiking through campus today was taxing. Exhausting even.
And now I’m tired. And you’re reading the most random post ever.
I promise though that tomorrow I’ll be on my best behavior.

Brownie’s honor.


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game day in athens

saturday in athens

Yesterday, the husband and I did something we rarely ever do.  We went to a football game…together…in Athens.

Now for those of you who don’t know me, I’m from the South.  The deep South.  I grew up with the University of Alabama in my backyard and went to college at the University of Georgia.  In all of that time, I never saw Alabama play and probably only went to 2 Georgia games.  I’m what some of you might refer to as an anomaly.  What makes everything even more interesting is that the husband lives for football.  And although he has no association to UGA football, aside from his marrying me, he always, always cheers for them, which is totally adorable. 

And, on a side note, the fella has more UGA apparel than I do and I think he secretly likes it that way.

But I digress.

Instead of writing a novel about game day in Athens, how about I just post pictures?  Let’s be honest, you’d rather look at pictures anyway, right?


Yeah, me too.

That’s what you might call the non-professional tailgaters’ tailgate.

Here’s the tailgate truckster. (Seriously, there is nothing like having a truck that comes equipped with 2 built in coolers.)
the tailgate

And here are the professional tailgaters.

Can you spot the difference?

And remember what I was saying about the husband’s Georgia gear?
Oddly enough, these are not a special Georgia design by Nike. Nope, the husband designed these himself. Go figure.

Now just so you can get the feel of the crowd…this was taken right outside of the stadium. Oh, those people in yellow and purple, those are the LSU fans.


georgia football seats

I’m thinking the husband isn’t the only one who loves his Georgia gear…





Did I mention we had 50 yard line seats?
50 yard line

And this little fellow might be the best thing about Georgia Football…
uga 7

With a face like this, how can you not have a great time.

(Even if Georgia did lose…but who’s counting.)


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5 & 10


If you happen to pick up the latest issue of In Style magazine, make sure you don’t JUSTflip through this issue. You have to go out of your way to check out page 222 (trust me) because a fantastic little restaurant in Athens, Georgia has been featured as having the “Summer’s Best Salad”. Okay, so maybe I don’t love watermelon, but I do love 5 & 10. And if you are ever in Athens, be sure to go. And say hi to Mimi.

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