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Guest blogger: Becki D!

I suck.
There, I said it. I’ve been a horrendous blogger. No real reason other than being exhausted and kind of burned out on the computer as a whole. No lie. Where I once used to come home from work and spend the night religiously on the computer blogging, reading other’s blogs, I now avoid the computer entirely.
It’s crazy. I know.

But I promise I’m going to try harder.
Because in all honesty, I’ve missed you guys.

And even though I’m blogging right now, this is still a tad bit of a lie. Because Becki D. from becki bakes is taking over after this point to guest blog for me.

So thanks guys. Thanks for sticking with me and my sheer laziness. And now, I’m turning the mic over to Becki and her insanely delicious Chicken Alfredo and Dip’Um Recipe.


Elastic Waistband Club: Man-Pleasin’ Meal

Let’s be real – this meal is definitely woman-pleasin’, but it makes me feel better if I can blame the consumption of this creamy, buttery, carb-loaded goodness on the Hubs. 


Dave’s absolute favorite home-cooked meal: Chicken Alfredo and Dip’Um (Lauren’s name for spicy oil and vinegar bread dip).

Chicken Alfredo with Artichoke Hearts
-1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts, diced
-1 box mini bowtie pasta (or pasta of your choice)
-1 can artichoke hearts, drained (optional, but they are totally awesome)
-1 stick butter
-1 cup heavy cream
-1 1/2 cups fresh grated parmesan cheese
-3 tbsp olive oil
-2 cloves garlic, minced

-Pour olive oil and minced garlic in large saucepan over medium heat. Saute diced chicken until thoroughly cooked.
-Bring saucepan of water to boil while cooking chicken.
-Add artichoke hearts and butter, continue stirring until it is completely melted.
-Add pasta to your boiling water and cook as directed on package
-Add cream and parmesan to chicken, stirring until everything is completely incorporated and sauce has slightly thickened.
-Drain pasta and pour into large serving bowl, pour chicken mixture over top and mix thoroughly.

-1 cup extra virgin olive oil
-2/3 cup aged balsamic vinegar
-3 cloves garlic, minced
-1 1/2 tbsp dried basil
-1 tbsp dried oregano
-1 tsp dried thyme
-1 1/2 tsp kosher salt
-1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper

Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Can be made up to 1 day in advance – the further ahead you make it, the better the ingredients meld. Though we often make it right before dinner, and it’s good that way too!

Serve with warm, crusty Italian bread.
becki d

Thanks so much to Becki D. for sharing this butter filled pasta goodness!


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You Can Find Me…

If you want me
you can find me
Left of center, wondering.
If you want me
you can find me
Left of center, wondering about you.*

Or you can find me hanging out over at Chef It Yourself.

Because that’s where I’ll be. Celebrating Anamaris’ 1 year blogiversary.
So stop by and help her blow out the candles!

*ps. name that artist for the win!


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WTW – Fun With Leftover Halloween Candy {guest blogger- amy}

Hi guys! Katie here. I’m taking a mental holiday today (for no real reason) so I’ve asked the incredibly brilliantly humorously talented Amy from Fix It Or Deal to help fill in for today’s White Trash Wednesday installment. And in typical Amy fashion, she has brought her A-Game. And instead of taking up anymore time, I’m going to let Amy get right to it….

I did not have any trick or treaters visit my house this Halloween. I expected as much because there are not many young children in my neighborhood and the few that there are get chauffeured to nicer, more brightly lit neighborhoods for candy. Even though I knew that I probably wouldn’t have any goblins begging at my door, I still bought enough candy to choke a zombie. Why? I don’t know. Call me an optimist. My candy cauldron is always half full.

Now, there is the pressing issue of what to do with all the leftovers. Well, I filled a gallon size freezer bag and left it in the break room at my office with a sign stating, “My chronic over-preparedness is now supplying your 3 o’clock sugar fix.” That put a large dent in my candy stockpile, but it did not exhaust it.
Then, one evening while enjoying a glass of red wine in front of the television, inspiration struck. The following drink recipes are the results of my little brainstorm.


1 small orange Pixy Stix
1 glass red wine
Mix together in glass or just chase a mouthful of candy with a swig of wine.

Mulled Wine

1 small orange Pixy Stix
1 glass red wine
1 Atomic Fireball
Mix together and zap in the microwave for one to two minutes. Stir and enjoy!

Chocolate Martini

1 fun size Milky Way, chopped
2 oz vodka
Combine in a blender and liquefy on high for one minute. Don’t bother looking for your martini glasses. Who are you trying to impress? Just drink it straight from the blender pitcher you prima donna.

Chocolate Covered PB&J

two Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, chopped
two small grape Pixy Stix
4 oz vodka (or more for courage)
Combine in a blender and liquefy on high for one minute. Drink straight from blender pitcher while contemplating exactly how your life went horribly, spectacularly wrong. Seriously. And call your mom, she’s worried sick about you.  


 Reason #412 why I love Amy. Thanks sweets for what might rank as the best WTW post to ever grace this little blog.

For those of you who are new to Amy, why don’t you head on over to her little corner of the internet at Fix It Or Deal. Trust me, you may never want to leave.



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WTW – Dipsticks, Snack of the Month

Not sure if I’ve mentioned, but I love getting emails from you guys. Love, love, love it. And what I really love is when you send me white trash recipes. It makes my heart all a-flutter. You know why? Because all I have to do is sit back and pretty much do absolutely nothing.

Kidding, kidding.
The other day Becki D. of Becki Bakes sent me her second White Trash Recipe recommendation.  The first one was the ever so tasty black ‘n blue pancakes. And this one, is more of a snack.  And she’s aptly named this snack, Dipsticks.

I discovered the perfect snack this afternoon while ransacking my pantry.
Anyhow, this most perfect WTW gem goes like this:
-Grab your jumbo-sized barrel of Pretzel Rods from Sam’s Club (because who doesn’t need a year’s supply of pretzel rods?)
-Grab your obligatory Foodie Approved jar of Nutella
-Dip pretzel and repeat as many times as needed to ward off the Crazies.
Not only does this recipe require 0 utensils or preparation of any sort, if you close your eyes you can almost pretend you’re chowing down Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates instead of pretzel sticks.

Sweet, salty, simple.

You’re welcome, ladies!

YAWYEOR note: These are awesome. I kid you not. I only had the honey wheat pretzel rods on hand, but went for it anyway and oh my goodness I thought I’d died and gone to chocolatey salty heaven.

Thanks Becki D. for introducing this treat to my world. From now on I will always have pretzel rods and Nutella stocked in my pantry.

*If you have a WTW recipe you’d love to share, email me at kmslat@yahoo.com. And just be prepared for me to include your entire email in the upcoming blog post*


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Measuring Spoons Winner!

measuring spoons

The winner of the Pier One measuring spoons is:

#16 Dionne BaldwinMy mom’s lasagna and homemade rolls. Nothing cures a bad day like mom’s lasagna. The rolls are just a perfect touch too! Since our summers are usually very very mild it’s good all year round too.

Congrats Dionne! Please contact me at kmslat@yahoo.com to claim your prize.

(Ps. todays winner was chosen using random.org random number generator.)


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I Smell A Giveaway!

And doesn’t it smell good?

There’s no real reason for this giveaway other than the sudden urge I got to have one the second I spotted these lovelies.

measuring spoons

measuring spoons

Well, that and because giveaways are pretty awesome.

So let’s make this easy…

To enter, just answer this one question:
What is your favorite comfort food?

No entries after 11p Saturday, August 21st.

One entry per person and sadly, open to US residents only.

Winner will be selected at random and announced Sunday, 8/22.

Good luck!  And bring on the comfort food madness!


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{take you…} on a cruise

My parents just returned from what might be one of their best vacations ever. The ‘rents took a cruise around the Mediterranean and saw some insanely amazing destinations…
Rome (my personal favorite), Turkey, Athens, Cinque Terre…you name it, these kids experienced it.

But…because they were on a cruise, this particular vacation was all about the food.
The copious amounts of food.

The tarts, the danishes, the pasta, the omelets, the lamb, the tuna, the sorbets…
Food was king on this cruise. As I’m fairly certain it is on all cruises.

My creation

So knowing this, why have I never been on one?

Clearly, this would be my mecca, right?

{thanks to mom and dad for taking tons of pictures so that i could blog about it. you guys are the best!}


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a comment

The other day I received one of the funniest comments this blog has ever seen with a recipe request for Red Velvet cupcakes.

It was too funny not to share. And don’t worry, I asked for permission first.  I swear.

I have to make cupcakes for a family picnic this Saturday and while I love anything related to any kind of cake in a cup, my baking skills are, shall we say, someone get me a Tums awful. Last family function I ruined those pre-made cookies that you just unroll and bake. Yeah, ruined them. I was thinking of trying your black bottom cupcakes because they look fantastic. I had promised though to do a red velvet. Why when I can barely make plain old vanilla, who knows. It probably has something to do with my wanting to live in a house made of red velvet that I eat myself out of. Anyhoo, by any chance, is there a red velvet cupcake recipe that you dig? I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks!

So I of course I went on the search for an easy red velvet recipe and a good cream cheese frosting recipe for good measure and sent it onto her.

The other day I received this response: 

Katie, the red velvet cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting were a hit. The family was going in for seconds and you should have seen the looks on their faces when they heard who made them I am officially off the blacklist. Well, for now. I am supposed to make macaroni and cheese next. You don’t know how much wrong you can do to a comfort food until you have had a seat at my dinner table. Ok, gotta run. Just whipped myself up a batch of the cream cheese frosting. Dinner time! Many thanks again for the recipe. If I had your address, my family would be sending you thank you notes and gift cards. I’m pretty sure they are already discussing how they can kick me out and adopt you. If I can’t find my place card at the next family wedding but see one for Katie, I’ll know…

All I know is that not only did this email make me laugh, it made me REALLY, INCREDIBLY happy.  I know there are quite a few of us (you know who you are people) who shy away from picking up the flour and the baking pans, but guess what, you can do it.

It all begins with that first step…and a cute apron.

(For more funnies from Mary, head on over to her blog.)


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White Trash Wednesday – Fire Pies

Working off of the fried pie theme, fellow blogger Amy, from (the incredibly witty and clever blog) Fix It Or Deal, sent me quite the doozy of a recipe.  For Fire Pies.

Your delicious blueberry fried pies reminded me of a very white trashy version: Fire Pies.  Just in case you are ever desperate for White Trash Wednesday material*, here is the recipe:
White bread – Wonder, Sunbeam, Bunny, whatever brand you prefer
Fruit Jelly – or jam, if you wanna get fancy.  Any flavor.
Butter – or margarine or “spread”

Fire – the bigger the better, if you have gasoline, use it
Cast Iron Pie Cooker – these babies can make much more than pies and they are a handy weapon if you are out of buckshot (buy yours from Amazon.com today)
Cast-Iron Campfire Pie Cooker

Butter a slice of bread, on the unbuttered side, add a heapin’ dollop of jelly, top with another slice of bread, buttered side out.  Place jelly sandwich inside the pie cooker, close and latch the cooker then hold over the fire, turning a few times for even cooking.  After about five minutes (or the time it takes to drink one PBR) remove cooker from fire, open and dump your fire pie on to a paper plate.  IMPORTANT!: Pie filling will be hotter than magma.  If you like having a tongue, wait for pie to cool a bit before eating.


See, I told you she was witty.
Now when you’re done here, go read her stuff. And check out her works.

*And yes, I am always on the hunt for great white trash recipes.  If you have one you’d like to submit, send an email (that will totally be included in the blog post) and the recipe to me at kmslat@yahoo.com

And a big thanks to Amy for sending such a great WTW recipe my way.


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WTW – black ‘n blue pancakes

wtw black and blue pancakes done

Have I mentioned how much I love it when you guys send me your recipes? No? Well, I do.
Like, a lot.

Friday afternoon I received this email from Becki D , (an insanely talented baker and precious mother of two):

Hey Katie!

So I had a great breakfast this morning, but when I started thinking about submitting it to PW’s Tasty Kitchen, it occurred to me (especially after I decided on the name) that this particular recipe was probably better suited to WTW.  Yes, my breakfast qualifies for WTW.  

Black n Blue Pancakes:
{printable version here}

1c Bisquick
1/2c Milk
1 Egg
1 handful (roughly a cup) of blueberries (fresh, or frozen)
1 handful mini chocolate chips (roughly a cup)

Grab your favorite plastic bowl, stir up the first 3 ingredients til the egg is pretty well beaten but the lumps ain’t showin, then drop by heaping spoonfuls onto a hot, buttered skillet.  Drop a few blueberries and a good sprinkling of chocolate chips on top, then cook til the batter starts bubbling.  Flip, and tan the other side of that pancake’s hide.

Scoop onto a plate and slather with your favorite imitation syrup.

From one connoisseur to another,

Becki D.
So, I did exactly as Becki D. said.  Picked up my favorite plastic bowl and went to town. And white trash or not, these pancakes were good.  Seriously good.

wtw mosaic b&b

Thanks so much to Becki D. for sending the recipe my way. I told her I felt honored that she’d think of my site in the same thought process as The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen. (Yes, kids, that’s a big deal.)

You guys keep ’em coming…and I’ll keep on making ’em!
Happy Wednesday everybody!

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