me at work
Yeap, that’s me. I’m Katie O.
A 9-5 cubicle dweller by day.
Blogger by night.
And amateur baker, cook, and photographer in between.  In a nutshell, these are nothing more than the daily musings of a wannabe foodie.

I live in Atlanta with my sweet, yet non-photographed husband and our pets…

the ro-ro

And Gus.

This blog was created as a way to chronicle my most basic skills of baking and cooking. (And I do mean basic.) And hopefully, a way to keep track of the progress.

I must warn you though, that if you stop by looking for a recipe you may in fact find one of say peanut brittle
but you may also find something like this.

Regardless of what you find, I do hope you’ll come back for more.

So how about you go have a seat and enjoy.

43 responses to “About

  1. The pancakes are fabulous! I’ve made them for years and yes, I got the recipe from my dad. He’s now 93 and would probably give anything to be able to make them again. Thanks, D!

    P.S. Katie, you’re doing a great job. And, you have quite a flair with words. Impressive!!!

  2. Christina McClelland

    This blog is AWESOME! The only downside is that I could totally sit here and read through it and think about what I am going to make/bake while I am at work! Currently, cannot decide b/n the choc chip croissants or the cherry crisp + van. ice cream. love it love it.

  3. Celia Johnson (or CKK)

    Katie, I love your Blog! It is so fun to read and get ideas for what to make for dinner or dessert! I’m with you on the cupcakes- love them!! Keep it up Katie!! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Chase Krebs (Mateo)

    KATIE DEAR! I had no idea you had this. This is awesome!

  5. Hi Katie! Thanks for adding me on your photog links, some of your wonderful readers have visited already! Just heading over to Flickr to add your account to my contacts!

  6. MEP

    Love the wallpaper for your blog title. Looks familiar… hmm.


  7. Hey….some really beautiful food on your site! Greetings from Oxford, England!!!

  8. hollie

    Katie, you are obviously wrong about having no creativity! I love your site!

  9. yeah!!! I own one of the Defoors Landing units (rented) and I’m selling another (Monty’s at 802) and friend of Chris Radding and he gave me your website. Very cool!
    I will work on one of your dinner recipes and report back.


  10. jiji. I think you’re funny. Haven’t read much yet, but I’ve already giggled, which is aggravating my cough and, as a result, the ugly little microbs in my lungs. It was worth it.

    I found you on the NaPothing, trying to figure out if I got the guts to sign up.

    See ya ’round!

  11. eh. I’m your WPstalker now. Deal with it. So…, how did you get the Napo badge thingie to work for you? I’m QUITE daft when it comes to this stuff.

  12. THere it is again!!!! The necklace!

    SOOOO cute!

  13. I don’t believe the part about being creative. Don’t know about the cooking & baking, but the pictures are looking good. Photo a week is a good way to hone your skills.
    Yes, 5&10 is awesome, currently my favorite place to eat anywhere. I’ve known about it for a long time, even photographed Huch Acheson there couple years ago on assignment. I should be embarrassed about taking so long to actually dine there. My wife and I did the 5:30 seating for prix fixe menu and besides being delicious, we felt like it was a really good deal. We’re about to downsize w/ daughter now in college and are slightly toying with idea of moving to Athens, based mostly on being close to 5&10. Only problem is we’d be too far from Brick Store. I suppose you just can’t have everything.

    • katie o.

      Louster- I will take any and all photography advice from you. Just sayin’. 🙂
      And as for moving to Athens, I would give my right arm to move back there. There’s something special about that place that you can’t find in the bigger cities. And if it means you’ve got to use a restaurant like 5&10 to push you there, I could think of far worse excuses. As for not having Brick Store nearby, keep in mind that it’s just a quick hop on 78 to get you from point A)thens to point B)rick Store.
      And when you’re at 5&10, say hi to my friend Mimi. She’s one of the cooks.

  14. I am also a 9-5er and a blogger, baker, cook and photographer by night. I think I need a cape and an awesome super hero name…i also just got a shiny DSLR… looking forward to reading your stuff…

  15. I love your blog!! Your photographs are wonderful and funny!! Thanks for stopping by my blog but here’s an updated blog address: http://blog.junbelen.com. And sure, I’ll come cook for you! 🙂

  16. I see you have the ever-trendy lowered cubicle walls. A company I worked for lowered the walls on the cubes and the employees were none to happy about it. 🙂

    +1 for cats, -1 for dogs, +10 for you. FTW!

    • would it help to know that my dogs act like cats? yeap, gus taught them well. and having moved from a pretty awesome office to a cubicle didn’t make me too happy either. it is what it is i guess. just makes my cubemates hate me more seeing as i’m the loudest person in the room. no lie.
      okay, so i lose points for the dogs, i can deal. but i gain points for being me. that’s a sweet deal. now if only i knew what FTW meant…

      • LOLZ!

        OK. Upon reflection I shouldn’t have gone -1 on the dogs. That was just stoopid. I guess that makes me an obliviot. I should have just gone +2 on the cats and left the dogs alone. 🙂

        FTW = for the win. An enthusiastic end to a comment. 🙂

      • no worries friend. and i like it. i may have to steal your thunder. FTW!

  17. Tri

    dogs and a cat! Cute! yep, gotta get me one of them. 🙂


  18. Amy

    Hi! Really loving your blog! And, I’m from Athens, GA. Had no idea you were a GA gal, too. Small planet, huh?
    If you ever want an update on the Classic City just let me know!

    • oh sweet athens. my old home. i miss it. would move back today if i could. guess i’ll have to settle for visiting my friends who are lucky enough to still live there…

    • and yes, always wanting updates on the classic city. am going to be there in two weeks. cannot wait! ps. obsessed with your blog by the way. like, really. it’s hysterical.

      • Amy

        It is a cool place to live and always something going on. Have fun on your visit!
        And, I encourage obsession. It gets a bad rap, but I think it can be healthy in the right hands. But, seriously… thanks so much!

  19. you won the dozen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  21. Your blog is so addictive! I couldnt seem to stop reading! I look forward to reading more!

  22. Amy

    LOVE the cupcake flowers!

  23. Stunning photography of some equally stunning recipes! No cubicle can hold such talent for long. Watch out world~~we’ve got another WonderWoman on our hands : )

  24. fishtacofanatic

    Love your blog, and I am also a fellow tacqueria del sol fan. Just started dabbling in blogging about a year ago, and recently started cooking again. Will try some of your recipes! fishtacofanatic.wordpress.com

  25. by the way, i LOVE your white trash wednesdays!

  26. Congratulations on being the WordPress Photography page Featured Post.
    How many kazillion hits did that generate (well deserved too)?

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  28. Yep, I’m at a 9-5 office job as well . . . thankfully it’s one that is pretty laid back and not too busy, which gives me time to blog. =)

  29. Awww…I have a black kitty that looks just like Gus.

  30. frangipani6181

    Love your blog 🙂 haha I am your 100th follower 🙂

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