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Say hello Lindsey.

I’m so happy to announce that my friend Lindsey has agreed to write a few posts for youarewhatyoueatorreheat. The girl travels all of the time (I’ll let her explain that one later) and always makes it a point to check out fabulous places along the way.
She was nice enough to do a quick story on her recent travels to Dallas….
So…have a seat and enjoy…
This past weekend I went to Dallas and Oklahoma with my Mom and her two sisters, Patsy and Peggy. Whenever I travel, I like to check out local restaurants and this trip was no different. While watching an episode of “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives” I saw a place called Avila’s (http://www.avilasdallas.com/index.html ) that seemed intriguing. It was a hole-in-the-wall place that was supposed to have some of the best Mexican food in town. We decided to go there on Saturday night for dinner, so we all piled in our rented Hyundai Sonata and headed out. We found it pretty easily, but let’s just say it isn’t in the best part of town. We pulled into the parking lot and realized that there were a total of eight parking spaces. Needless to say all of them were full, so we drove around for a bit trying to find a place to park. Luckily the liquor store across the street allows you to park with a purchase, so after Peggy bought a bottle of scotch, we were parked and ready to chow down.
Once we get inside the restaurant, I decide to go to the restroom. You can basically turn around in your chair and see the whole place, so I was a bit confused as to where the bathroom was. I asked one of the waiters and he proceeded to open the door to the kitchen and says “By the phone.” Sure enough, I walk to the back of the kitchen and next to a phone on the wall is the door to the bathroom.
I get back to the table and start to look at the menu, and decide on the Pan Fried Tacos. About this time, the waiter brings dessert, White Chocolate Bread Pudding, to the table next to us – it was quickly decided that would be part of our future meal. Then our food arrived. OMG! Let me just say that this is some of the best Mexican food I have ever had. Upon seeing my plate, I thought there was no way I could finish all of the food in front of me….I mean look!
avila's fried tacos

But I had to finish – it was too tasty not to! And the rest of my table followed my lead. My Mom got the Chile Relleno, which they are known for and it was fabulous…as was everyone else’s meal. We all chow down then order our White Chocolate Bread Pudding to share. We all take a spoon and dig in, and realize that we each should have probably gotten our own. This dessert is unbelievable and one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. We ate every last bit of it and my Mom went a step further….she licked the plate. That’s right folks; she licked the plate in the restaurant. See below…



And after…

lindsey's mom

So, to sum it up, if you are ever in Dallas, hit up Avila’s….just make sure you go to the bathroom and get your scotch beforehand.


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