the silver skillet – an institution

This blog has only been up and running for about nine months, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that I have discussed in limited detail the Silver Skillet.

This place is an institution.
No, really.

My husband and I took a break from our painting duties yesterday to grab a bite. We both opted for the cheeseburger.
{When you’re dealing with a griddle that’s 50 years old, it’s a safe bet your burger is going to taste amazing.}

And just to embarrass the hell out of my husband, I brought my camera along for the ride. Because the only way to get the full effect of the Silver Skillet is through pictures.
And by the way, my husband just loves it when I take my camera with me.
Just ask him.

at the counter


silver skillet

That my friends is the Silver Skillet.
I’m in love.



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2 responses to “the silver skillet – an institution

  1. Ha ha! I love that place. My boyfriend understands your husband’s pain… sometimes he says, “can’t you just leave that thing at home?”

  2. rhooby

    and i’m jealous. i want a cheeseburger….

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