mama’s boy, athens, ga

 mama's boy

Guys, it was a good weekend.  No. Scratch that. It was a fantastic weekend.  Because I visited my sweet little Athens, GA.

Just so you understand, I went to the University of Georgia.  In Athens.  And Athens is truly my own little piece of heaven. Without sounding like a love sick bumbling idiot, I’ll just say this….
The campus is pristine (albeit insanely hilly), the downtown scene is noteworthy (thank you 40 Watt, Georgia Theatre), and the food is pretty much on par with any major city around.  Not bad for a little college town.

So I think you’ll understand my excitement in visiting one of the most glorious of cities on earth.
And…it should come as no surprise that we ate well. Because we love food.
Especially breakfast food.
And that’s why we hit up Mama’s Boy.
Because when a restaurant serves food that looks like this…
banana bread w caramel sauce
You know you are right where you belong.



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10 responses to “mama’s boy, athens, ga

  1. noemozica

    I think that what I miss the most of not living in the USA are the brunches…
    I love your blog!! It goes directly to my blogrooll!! ^_^

  2. Amy

    LOVE Mama’s Boy!! My absolute favorite! My husband, sister and I have brunch there all the time. I also know the owner (well, I handle her insurance and she is finally starting to remember my name).
    Their pimento cheese burger is awesome, as is the peach french toast. I’ve never had anything there that wasn’t super tasty.
    Dammit! You’ve made me hungry again!

    • Yeap, Cooper, right? I talked to her yesterday. She doesn’t know me from Adam, but she knows my friends. And I wanted to try the pimiento cheeseburger so badly, but I had to do the breakfast instead.
      And yes, my lot in life is to make everyone happy and hungry! 🙂

  3. rhooby

    oh my, what is that?????

    • banana bread with a caramel sauce.
      and it was as tasty as it looks up there.
      how come I never thought of drizzling caramel over banana bread? seems so simple. and so perfect.

  4. Dionne Baldwin


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  7. If I ever get to Athens (which, why haven’t I been there?) this will go to the top of my list. If you ever visit New York / Long Island, you have to go to Maureen’s Kitchen. Looks like a similar concept. They have oreo pancakes and stuffed croissant french toast. Mmm… I’m getting hungry!

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