The final product

The major work is done.
The carpets are installed.
The floors are refinished.
The rooms are painted.
The home is ready to be sold.
Now we just need a buyer.

I took these photos after work (and before the dogs and husband had a chance to mess up anything and everything) so the shots are a little dark and grainy, but I think you get the idea.

2nd bedroom

master bedroom and a justice

master bath

living room


It’s nothing fancy, but it’s been a perfect home for us for the past 5 years.

And no, the dog and cat don’t come with the house.



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12 responses to “The final product

  1. rhooby

    gorgeous!!!!! hahahaha… love the shot of gus on the table!

    • katie o.

      and justice on the bed…i can’t believe libby didn’t appear in one of the shots. she must have been hiding somewhere. thanks rhoob! we owe it all to you guys!

  2. the pictures are all good, but of course I like the dog on the bed best. You gotta love dogs.

  3. Mary T

    ready for selling! looks great!

  4. Emi

    Good luck on your house sale! I hope it goes very well!!! The house looks great from your pictures! Good job!

  5. Hard work really paid off. Perfection. This should fly off the market. Where are you moving?

  6. K, It’s gorgeous. HGTV gorgeous! You guys did a great job. Do you find yourself not wanting to move anymore?

    PS: I think you should have life-size 3D cutouts of the pets and place them around the house for showings. Nothing says homey like our beloved pets.

    • katie o.

      oh anamaris! you are so sweet! i do love it, but i’m ready to move on.
      i love your idea of life size cut-outs. the real estate agent hasn’t mentioned anything about the photos hanging in the hallway…it’s libby, the eiffel tower, and justice. Hmm, if she’s okay with it, I certainly am.

  7. MEP

    I miss my room!

  8. Dick Slattery

    Love the Picasso and the Van Gogh. Those alone should sell the place! And that slipper chair could go with the house, which would get you “quite a price”. It’s definitely an antique!!!!!
    Wonder how many young people know what a “slipper chair” even is?
    Keep up the hard work, be patient, and it will happen!

    P.S. Would love to see the finishd project in person!

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