Is it just me or are manicures and pedicures tantamount to torture?

Later this afternoon I’m going to a friend’s wedding so I thought to myself I probably should try to look semi-decent. After all, it’s a wedding and I’m going to get dressed up. Might as well get a manicure and pedicure. Well my friends, I did and the whole thing felt like I was being tortured. You know, forget waterboarding. I say just put the terrorists in a room and let the manicurists have at them. Have you ever seen the tools these tiny women use? Holy crap. It’s flat out medieval.

What I can’t quite grasp is how women go in for these treatments weekly.
Clearly these same women are masochists. There can be no other excuse. I mean why would any sane person subject themselves to this kind of pain on a regular basis? And better yet, why would a man? Oh yes boys and girls, as I sat there being crippled with pain, a man walked in and sat down in the chair beside me. Clearly his girlfriend forced him into it. Again, there can be no other excuse because any man in his right mind would never, I mean never, willingly participate in such a painful event.

And this kind of torture doesn’t come cheap. My morning outing was more expensive than my monthly gym membership dues. (Okay, my former gym dues. I don’t exactly go anymore…)



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5 responses to “mani+pedi=torture

  1. rhooby

    this is funny!!

  2. Lindsey

    This might be Kelly’s least favorite thing to do in the world. She hates it…absolutely hates it. Maybe you two should start a club…

  3. Kelly

    We can have a handshake and everything 🙂

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