You tell me.

As I’ve mentioned here (ad nauseam) I’m a big fan of the comments. And I’m obsessive compulsive. Yes, I admit it. It’s no secret that I’m checking my blog stats a lot. What I have learned about you guys is that you all have lives on the weekends and rarely get on-line. (Maybe I should follow your lead and get a life too. Just a thought.) You guys also tend to take it slow on Mondays. Can’t say as I blame you. Especially for those of you who’ve had a wild weekend. 😛

So, I’m asking you guys: What would you like to read about on Mondays? Do you want more food? Random photos? A bunch of jibbering nonsense? (Oh wait…I already do that.)

From now on, you decide what goes on here on Mondays….and the weekends too.

As always, thanks for reading.


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