what was i thinking?

This has not been the healthiest of weeks for me. I started off okay, I just didn’t exactly end things on a high note. Thursday night, because I had a work function to attend after work, I didn’t end up getting home until pretty late. That is, too late to cook a normal meal. So a pizza was ordered. Lunch yesterday was no better as I only had leftover pizza to eat. Yeap, 2 strikes. To end the work week with a bang I thought it would be best to dine on movie theater popcorn…and let’s not forget the soda. (Okay, okay, in all fairness I was actually at the movies and not in my own home….by the way, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is amazing…)


But you see, that’s not even really the worst of it. Nope, the worst of it was the moment I had in a fancy shmancy department store dressing room. Okay, I won’t call out which high end retailer this was, but just for the record that was the worst dressing room lighting I have ever experienced. I can safely say that I will not be returning until I well, okay, probably never.

So to make myself feel better, I got up at 745 this morning, grabbed my yoga mat, a bottle of water and headed to a yoga studio across town. After pushing my incredibly weak self to hold poses that were far beyond my yoga abilities for an hour and a half I felt a little better about myself. 🙂

So take that you mean dressing room mirror!



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2 responses to “what was i thinking?

  1. rhooby

    i hear ya!!

  2. katie

    Umm yeah…I think the yoga was a bit too much. I can barely walk today!

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