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week18: feet


Feet are utilitarian. They get you from point A to point B. And they are ugly. And gross. And freak me out.
And this week our photo challenge was none other than “feet”. Someone out there hates me.
Plain and simple.

So in an effort to NOT take a photo of feet, I had to get creative. I thought about my dogs’ feet. And since technically, they are paws, I went for it.
And I totally loved it. I did. I do. Because I love doggie feet. They smell like Fritos.
justice's paw

But I’m afraid you guys have seen my dogs more times than you’d like to count, or I’d like to admit. So, I took a different angle. And this is where that angle took me.

weekly photo challenge: feet

And for once in this weekly photo challenge, I’m actually quite content with the final product.
{Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a work of art, but it’s a paw print in the snow and that alone makes me happy.} {Oh….and there’s snow and this Alabama girl rarely gets to see snow.}

Merry Christmas Eve kids!


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Week17: Road

Big surprise kids! Road was one of the hardest challenges to date! While the photos from the challenger roll were some of the best I’ve seen yet, I struggled.

I tried to get creative with the word “road”. I mean taking pictures of a road is fine, but just this once, I needed to add a twist.

So I grabbed my camera and my mom and we hit the road.
Since I was in Tuscaloosa this weekend, I wanted to incorporate the University of Alabama into the challenge somehow.
So I did.
u of a.
The big A. Okay, so it’s nothing great.

I moved on.
Then it hit me…I’m at the University of Alabama…the SEC Champions…a team playing in the National Championship game. I had it!
The Road to Victory.
stadium dr. alabama
And as clever as the idea was, the product sucked.

So I moved on.
And here are my last two “road” shots. And although there’s absolutely nothing creative about either of them, the manner in which they were taken is. And we’ll just leave it at that.



And to keep you up to speed with this week’s photo challenge, I must warn you, it’s “feet”. Have I mentioned how much I despise feet? They are gross…and disgusting…and ewww. So I’ll need all the luck in the world to make a creative spin on this subject. Otherwise, this could get ugly.
You know, kind of like feet.


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week16: cold

Today might just be the worst day for this week’s photo challenge “Cold”.
For some unknown reason it’s 63 degrees out.
Umm, hello? It’s December 9th. Last time I checked, December 9th should be cold…and blustery…and cold.

So imagine it’s snowing out. The fire is crackling. That you’ve got a hot cup of cocoa waiting for you.

Here’s this week’s photo.

justice and the scarf

And yes, I forced my dog to wear a scarf.

I’ll do just about anything to include my dogs in these photo challenges. I think I’ve got a real problem.

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week15: fork

Week 15 is here in the Shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge and every week the subjects get harder. Or maybe I’m just not very good at getting bold and creative with the challenges.
Yeap, that’s probably it.

This week’s challenge was Fork. And if you click over to the Photo Challenge Pool on Flickr you can see just how amazing these challengers are.

And they are.

I, on the other hand, continue to struggle…week after painful week. This week was no different.

Behold, fork:
week15: fork

I want to prepare you for next week’s disaster right now because next week’s challenge is cold.
God help us all.


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week13: water

Wouldn’t you think that after 12 weeks of taking photos of inanimate objects, I would start to get the hang of this weekly photo challenge thing?
Yeah, well, I haven’t. 

I mean, it’s water. 

I should be creative with it right?

Well, I wasn’t.  I just sort of lucked out and happened upon a fountain this past weekend after the big Georgia win against Auburn. And here’s what we’ve got…

week13 water

Incredibly harsh criticism?

Please leave your comments here.
Or not.

ps. It’s late and I’ve been on jury duty all week..with no end in sight.
I think I’ve run out of exciting things to talk about here.
Got a topic you’d like to discuss…
email me.
or leave a comment.
I’m thinking I need all the help I can get.


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week12: zipper

That’s right kids.  I’m already 12 weeks into my weekly photo challenge and I’m still struggling to get creative with my shots.  This week was zipper.  And while some people *cough* shutterboo *cough* got a little smart with their zipper photo, I stuck with boring and predictable. 

It’s what I know best.

Don’t get me wrong, I contorted myself into some freakishly awkward positions, but didn’t get anything spectacular.  At least I didn’t include one of my dogs in the picture. 

There is a first for everything.

week12: zipper


Enjoy it.

Next week is water and I can’t make any promises kids.


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Week11: Candy

This week’s subject in the weekly photo challenge is CANDY.

Sounds easy right?
I mean why not take a picture of a bucket of Halloween candy?


So I did…because as I’ve mentioned ad nauseam, I’M NOT CREATIVE.

After realizing the bucket o’ candy was far too boring for me, I went to my safety zone.

My dogs.

And this happened:
week 11 candy

Reason #492 why my dog Justice is the coolest dog ever.

I know there’s nothing truly special about that photo, but I’ve put great effort into including one or both of my dogs into each weekly photo challenge. So this just made sense.

Disclaimer: no animals actually ingested any of the candy in the photo above.


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