Getting the nursery ready

Things are definitely in the home stretch with this pregnancy.  Today I hit the 34 week mark.  Yeap, horrifyingly close.

We’re also in the home stretch of finishing up the nursery.  And while I would love to post some pictures of it, I haven’t exactly taken any.  So, I decided to at least share a little idea of one of the things that will be in the nursery- family photos. Or rather, young photos of the soon to be grandparents and well, Ashley and me.  I haven’t gotten all of the photos in yet, but here’s what I have so far:

ashley at 3
{that’s Ashley at 3}

Cute katie (what happened)2
{yeap, that would be me…also at 3. should I be worried that ashley and i had the same haircut?}

pop pop
{my dad…who I am now referring to as pop pop}

momma lyn
{and my mom…in what appears to be one of the cutest and most creative outfits I have ever seen}.


I promise to post photos of the actual nursery soon…guess I might want to finish it first.  And good news…I actually baked the other day.  And took photos of it! Stay tuned, I may actually have a food post soon!



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14 responses to “Getting the nursery ready

  1. Leah

    I really love this idea! You’ve inspired me to do something similiar in my own house. Maybe I’ll carve out a wall space for old family photos. You’re in the home stretch! Good luck!

    • thank you so much leah! i’ve always wanted to incorporate family photos into my house and i am making the nursery be the perfect excuse for that.

  2. Too cute! I love that y’all have the same haircut ;0)

    • oh yes, the infamous dutch boy hair cut. i was too cool for words. guess i could have posted the picture of me at about age 4 in my wonder woman underoos…

  3. You and Ashley with the same haircut made me laugh, but
    WOW!!! Your mother was a buccaneer! How cool is that?
    Great photos. Can’t wait to see the nursery & the bambino.

    • I didn’t even notice the haircuts until I’d finished this post. I had to go back and add the comment. It was too funny not to point out. And I promise to post pictures soon. Man I really have to finish decorating it! 🙂

  4. Amy

    Too cute! Your mom’s outfit is precious.

  5. yay! I love when you blog. I also love that you are almost there. can we PULEEZE plan a play date sometime in the next year for us… i mean our kids?! They need to be real life friends! 🙂
    congrats on the nursery. Mine is still an empty room with NOTHING in it.

  6. *Love* the idea of old family photos! Hey, did you know that you can order giant (like 2 foot by 3 foot) prints from Staples for $2.99?? Just order architectural prints. They’ll be black and white…but still. I have sooo many ideas for my girls’ room now that I’ve discovered that little tidbit!

    Anywho, can’t wait to see whatcha do with the nursery. Fun stuff, these baby preparations!

  7. This is such a sweet idea! Good luck in the home stretch!!

  8. amandapair

    Im pretty sure when i blogged my nursery sneak peek back in january that I said i’d post the full thing soon. And its June. I do love the family photos though!

  9. Man! I was ready to vote on color swatches and pick between bunnies and turtles. You tease!

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