Christmas gift ideas!

Christmas will be fast upon us and if you’re anything like me, you’ve waited until now to start thinking about gift ideas.  So as I’m browsing sites, I’m going to toss some preciously adorable ideas at you.

Yes, they are dishwashing gloves, but they’re cute!
And don’t you want to look cute even when cleaning dirty dishes?
*can be found on etsy courtesy of fresh studio.

How about this “table for one dish”?

Head over to anthropologie for this one.

How about a beautiful cake stand?
I must warn you…yes,it is pretty, but it definitely isn’t cheap…just sayin’.

A few ideas to get you going. Come back soon for more holiday gift ideas.
I might even throw in a a few eclectic and silly ones.
After all, Christmas should be fun, right?



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15 responses to “Christmas gift ideas!

  1. William
    While we are on the gift page I am going to share this as well at the very least you are going to want to drool over the idea of what you could do.

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  3. William
    Just in time for Christmas, a recipe to get you in the mood for the holidays.

  4. William,where do you find these sites? Alcohol fruit salad. Brilliant!

  5. how about going out to lunch for Christmas? (please email me if you are down!)

  6. I also wanted to let you know … your blog is snowing!

  7. And also, please come leave a post on my blog. I am doing a giveaway and feel like a jerk. I have 4 comments. even if you don’t want my calendar, please give me a pity entry.

    • i totally meant to do it the other day, but i got side tracked.
      ps. i do love the calendar. i think it’s adorable! might give me house envy, but i have no doubt it sure is pretty.

  8. i have that little anthro mini dish. SOOO cute! i LOVE that cake stand!

  9. gorgeous gifts! I would like to get them :), there is still some place in my kitchen!

  10. Nice post. Glad to see you still make it back to the computer from time to time. 🙂

  11. Hi Katie!! I got a cake stand for Christmas and I looked forever for a plain one. Love that red one and I. TOTALLY. FORGOT. ABOUT. Fishs Eddy. Love them. Thanks so much for your comment on my DD post, I’m still excited!

    • Don’t you just love cakestands? They can be so simple or so completely intricately detailed. And regardless, they’re cute.
      So excited for you! Cannot wait to see the feature!!

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