A Thanksgiving List

As we’re merely hours away from Eatfest 2010, I thought I’d throw a list up here. This time, for things that I’m thankful for…in no particular order. 1. Family. They may drive me bonkers, but I love ’em. And can’t imagine my nutso life without them. 2. The husband. Even though he technically falls into the family category, he kind of deserves his own mention. 094 3. Food. Because without food, this little blog would never exist. apples at farmer's mkt_edited-1 4. My pets (Gus, the cat, not shown). This is what I come home to every day. Doesn’t get any better than this. front door 5. You guys. Plain and simple I ♥ you guys. And if you’re wondering who you are, look at all of the links listed on this blog. You keep me entertained. You make me want to be a better photographer, a better cook, a better baker, a better home decorator, a better movie buff, and a better smart a$$. And each one of you guys has inspired me whether you know it or not. So thank you all. Now go enjoy this Thanksgiving eat-a-thon with your loved ones…(or the ones you barely tolerate).



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8 responses to “A Thanksgiving List

  1. Christina

    You are the best! Love this blog. Helps me decide to cook every week!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Pets are such a great welcoming committee. No questions, nagging, weird looks or bad moods just excitement and kisses! Gotta love it. 😉

    I’m grateful there will be wine tomorrow. I’m going to need it.

  3. Oh it goes both ways, seester. Thanks for inspiring my inner funny on the regular.

    Happy Thanksgiving Katie!

  4. Happy gobble gobble!

    I agree with Ali… it totally goes both ways!

  5. Have a great Thanksgiving – and if you’re traveling, be safe!

  6. what a beautiful house you have! this is why I love thanksgiving. I think it’s wonderful that we stop for a moment & be mindful of the great things in life & be thankful for them. hope you & your family (& pets) had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  7. Where are you, Katie? Where’d you go?
    With no new posts, I miss you so.
    I’m writing just to let you know
    I’m depressed and eating cookie dough.

    Hope you’re well and enjoying the holidays. Just wanted to say hello and tell you I missed WTW this week. Hope to hear from you soon! -Jeanne

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