WTW – Fun With Leftover Halloween Candy {guest blogger- amy}

Hi guys! Katie here. I’m taking a mental holiday today (for no real reason) so I’ve asked the incredibly brilliantly humorously talented Amy from Fix It Or Deal to help fill in for today’s White Trash Wednesday installment. And in typical Amy fashion, she has brought her A-Game. And instead of taking up anymore time, I’m going to let Amy get right to it….

I did not have any trick or treaters visit my house this Halloween. I expected as much because there are not many young children in my neighborhood and the few that there are get chauffeured to nicer, more brightly lit neighborhoods for candy. Even though I knew that I probably wouldn’t have any goblins begging at my door, I still bought enough candy to choke a zombie. Why? I don’t know. Call me an optimist. My candy cauldron is always half full.

Now, there is the pressing issue of what to do with all the leftovers. Well, I filled a gallon size freezer bag and left it in the break room at my office with a sign stating, “My chronic over-preparedness is now supplying your 3 o’clock sugar fix.” That put a large dent in my candy stockpile, but it did not exhaust it.
Then, one evening while enjoying a glass of red wine in front of the television, inspiration struck. The following drink recipes are the results of my little brainstorm.


1 small orange Pixy Stix
1 glass red wine
Mix together in glass or just chase a mouthful of candy with a swig of wine.

Mulled Wine

1 small orange Pixy Stix
1 glass red wine
1 Atomic Fireball
Mix together and zap in the microwave for one to two minutes. Stir and enjoy!

Chocolate Martini

1 fun size Milky Way, chopped
2 oz vodka
Combine in a blender and liquefy on high for one minute. Don’t bother looking for your martini glasses. Who are you trying to impress? Just drink it straight from the blender pitcher you prima donna.

Chocolate Covered PB&J

two Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, chopped
two small grape Pixy Stix
4 oz vodka (or more for courage)
Combine in a blender and liquefy on high for one minute. Drink straight from blender pitcher while contemplating exactly how your life went horribly, spectacularly wrong. Seriously. And call your mom, she’s worried sick about you.  


 Reason #412 why I love Amy. Thanks sweets for what might rank as the best WTW post to ever grace this little blog.

For those of you who are new to Amy, why don’t you head on over to her little corner of the internet at Fix It Or Deal. Trust me, you may never want to leave.



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21 responses to “WTW – Fun With Leftover Halloween Candy {guest blogger- amy}

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  2. This is awesome thanks Katie for having Amy here as a guest blogger! This cracks me up and now I think I am also curious about a couple of these…just for kicks. That sangria sounds very interesting.

  3. Amy

    Thank you for allowing me to grace your blog, Katie! And double thanks for the kind words.

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  5. dougbrowncreative

    I read this too late Amy. I already ate all my daughter’s left-over candy. I ate so much of it I ended up having to get meds from the doctor. Even then, I couldn’t stop.

    Blessed with a daughter who never liked candy.

    I wonder if that will me my epitaph?

    • Amy

      Ha! A blessing and a curse, huh? It’s probably best that all your candy is gone. If you were to make any of these concoctions you may need more than just meds.

  6. I guess I should have bought pixie sticks this year. This is so hilarious!

  7. Amy, you are quite the mixologist!

  8. Dudeman will come home tonight and say, “Mmm…is that mulled wine I smell?” He’ll be so surprised when he finds me simmering pixy sticks and Fireballs on the stove.

    P.S. Awesome guest post. Really enjoyed this one.
    P.P.S. My husband doesn’t really talk like that.

  9. Unfortunately get all my drinks mixed by the hubby, so will pass this onto him, thanks! On a serious note, nice honest post, well written!
    Ick, ick

  10. What’s weird is that I’m pretty sure all of these recipes would a) work and b) taste pretty good. Nice job, Amy!

  11. This is hilarious. I am here visiting after reading Anamaris post on you. Now I am a follower.

    Happy T day!

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