A White Trash Wednesday Miracle

I made you a promise and I actually kept it.  And in a (semi) timely manner no less. It’s shocking really because I’m one of those people who has all of these grandiose plans…made with the sincerest of intentions. Then life gets in the way. Really, it does. Between that 9-5 gig that pays for the roof over my head and the clothes on my back, the weekends away, the long commutes, the early morning workouts (say what?), the tv watching, and that side gig I’ve got going now, following through with certain commitments tends to fall by the wayside sometimes.

But I said I would make this meal and that’s exactly what I did.

And I’m thrilled I did for two reasons:
1. it was goooood.
2. it means I am, deep down, a little white trash.

And I’m okay with that.
Because deep down, I think that’s why you like me.

If you’re wondering what all of this nattering is about….it’s about the first official White Trash Wednesday poll.
It’s about the Tater Tot Casserole.

If you’re game and need a white trashy recipe to test out, by all means try this one.  But I do have a few thoughts. Mind if I share? Good. Thanks for playing along.
The recipe calls for cream of mushroom soup to be mixed with the ground beef. If you’re not one for the soup taste (my husband loathes the stuff), I say go for sour cream instead and while you’re at it, toss in a Lipton Onion soup mix for good measure.

I’m pretty sure I may go that route the next time I make the stuff.
And there will be a next time.


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21 responses to “A White Trash Wednesday Miracle

  1. I’m stunned. And a little grossed out. But also a little intrigued. When brother-in-law Dave made this (see my comment in your original posting that mentioned Tater Tot Casserole) it contained other particles, including the mushroom soup and Mexican corn. It makes me throw up a little just mentioning it. Your version looks much better. And less polluted. I love that you loved it. It means there’s hope for humanity and white trash cooking. Be loud, be proud…that’s what I say!

  2. Here’s the truth, we all have a little WT in us. Anyone who says they don’t is lying, or in denial. Yeah for tater tot casserole.

  3. Amy

    That does actually look kinda good. I loves me some tots.
    Sooo glad you didn’t have to eat the corn dog thing. Corn dogs give me the heebie-jeebies.

    • corn dogs? yes.
      corn dog casserole? no.
      didn’t you eat corn dogs as a kid? mixing up ketchup and mustard and dipping the corn dog in the concoction? well crap, now i’m hungry.

  4. Alright, this might just have to go on next week’s meal plan.


  5. rhooby

    i was going with the tater tots and cheese until i saw the ground beef mixed in. believe me, i’m white trash, but the mushroom soup and ground beef ain’t doin a lot for me. but they don’t have to! you did it and you’re one tough woman!!

    • well, i know where ashley gets it then. he hates the cream of mushroom soup too. it was his idea to revise the ingredients to include sour cream and lipton onion soup mix. pretty smart actually.

  6. I was looking for casserole ideas yesterday and this was suggested. I actually waited to see if you gave it a thumbs up before I made it! πŸ˜€ I made a bechemel sauce and added mushrooms with some other spices to make a sort of substitute for cream of mushroom soup. We shall see…

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  8. YES. You did it.

    Recipes like this one make me SO happy that my husband works nights. Free reign over dinner = tater tot casserole for the entire month of November.

  9. Deanna

    I wish you’d at least post the recipe for the Corn Dog Casserole, because I’m really curious about what a corn dog casserole might be.

  10. sayitinasong

    I happen to love tater tots…lol…. never treid them in a casserole though… this just might be a very easy mid-week recipe to try… :o)

  11. For some reason, I didn’t think it had hamburger in it. I thought it had hotdogs. That’s what I get for not paying attention. But the poll was fun – and I’m glad you actually ate. For a quick minute, I thought you’d say you did but didn’t. πŸ™‚

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