WTW – Results are in.

Well kids, the polling has ended and you guys have spoken.

Tater Tot Casserole – 43%
Mountain Dew Apple Cobbler – 37%
Corn Dog Casserole – 20%

It looks like I’ll be making a fine casserole of the Tater Tots.
Let’s just hope I live to talk about it.


I just want to give a personal thank you to those of you who did not vote for the corn dog casserole.  You love me.  You really love me!



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7 responses to “WTW – Results are in.

  1. Amy

    I was praying that you wouldn’t have to endure the corn dog casserole.
    Can’t wait to hear your review of the tater tot one!

  2. YES! Yes, yes, yes! I voted for the tater tot casserole. Can’t wait to see you pull this off. Then I’m going to e-mail it to my brother-in-law, Dave. He’s the one that grossed us all out with this dish 20+ years ago. I guess that makes this “vintage” white trash! May the force be with you!

  3. YAY! Tater tots are good. I’m very curious about the Mountain Dew Apple Cobbler too…

    • dionne- me too! maybe i’ll have to make an excuse (after i’ve stopped stuffing my face with halloween candy) to make that cobbler.
      ps. i ALWAYS want to call you dee. i have a thing for “clueless”. 😉

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