Witch’s Brew

While visiting with my neighbors the other night, their son, this little guy:


gave me the cutest little Halloween treat ever…
a bag of Witch’s Brew.


And since we’re in the home stretch for all things Halloween, it needed to be shared…

Because who doesn’t love bat bones?
Or pigeon poop?
Or ghost noses?

I know I do.

So if you’ve got any last minute Halloween treats to whip up, this one should definitely go on your list.



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13 responses to “Witch’s Brew

  1. Pigeon poop!? That is too much fun!

  2. Christina

    That is the cutest thing–both the picture and the treat bag. I have not heard of that. What a great idea. Someone around there is very creative.

  3. Oh my. What a cute little dude.

    Pigeon poop is a great source of fiber.

  4. Uh. Dorable!!!
    (the brew is pretty cute, too!)

  5. He is too cute, and that goodie bag is too cute! So much cuteness!

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