WTW – Dipsticks, Snack of the Month

Not sure if I’ve mentioned, but I love getting emails from you guys. Love, love, love it. And what I really love is when you send me white trash recipes. It makes my heart all a-flutter. You know why? Because all I have to do is sit back and pretty much do absolutely nothing.

Kidding, kidding.
The other day Becki D. of Becki Bakes sent me her second White Trash Recipe recommendation.  The first one was the ever so tasty black ‘n blue pancakes. And this one, is more of a snack.  And she’s aptly named this snack, Dipsticks.

I discovered the perfect snack this afternoon while ransacking my pantry.
Anyhow, this most perfect WTW gem goes like this:
-Grab your jumbo-sized barrel of Pretzel Rods from Sam’s Club (because who doesn’t need a year’s supply of pretzel rods?)
-Grab your obligatory Foodie Approved jar of Nutella
-Dip pretzel and repeat as many times as needed to ward off the Crazies.
Not only does this recipe require 0 utensils or preparation of any sort, if you close your eyes you can almost pretend you’re chowing down Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates instead of pretzel sticks.

Sweet, salty, simple.

You’re welcome, ladies!

YAWYEOR note: These are awesome. I kid you not. I only had the honey wheat pretzel rods on hand, but went for it anyway and oh my goodness I thought I’d died and gone to chocolatey salty heaven.

Thanks Becki D. for introducing this treat to my world. From now on I will always have pretzel rods and Nutella stocked in my pantry.

*If you have a WTW recipe you’d love to share, email me at kmslat@yahoo.com. And just be prepared for me to include your entire email in the upcoming blog post*



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15 responses to “WTW – Dipsticks, Snack of the Month

  1. Only thing is true White Trash would look mighty skeptical at that jar of Nutella…

  2. I could totally go for this right now. Nutella is so good it’s even good by itself! Add a pretzel and you have something you cannot resist. Now if you will excuse me I’m going to dive into my jar of Nutella now…

  3. Amy

    Pretzels and peanut butter have been my go-to snack for ages, but I may have to upgrade to Nutella.

  4. I think the pretzel component is completely optional. Ummm, Nutella.

  5. rhooby

    scraps is right – true white trash would think nutella is “fern.”

  6. Nutella isn’t allowed in my house. Because I would sit there with a spoon and scraped every last bit of it into my mouth. I can’t even think about Nutella without my mouth watering. I’m what you’d call a “craver”.

    • b, i had to put the jar away and walk as fast as i could out of that kitchen. otherwise, i would have taken the entire jar down. i think there’s a reason why i never have that stuff on hand…it’s oh so dangerous.

  7. Mmmm. Y’all are totally welcome. Though if you’re waist-wise, you’ll probably take Boo’s advice and keep the Nutella outta the house – it’s totally addicting and goes down WAY too easy.

    P.S. – your pictures are way prettier, Katie…but also makes it look much less white trashy. Just sayin. 😉

  8. Whenever I’d go to my best friend’s house as a kid, they always had Nutella stocked in their pantry. I think she sorta got used to it being there because she never offered me any or suggested we eat it with anything. It KILLED me.

    Now that I’m all grown up, I can eat all the Nutella dipsticks I want. Yeah boy.

  9. This is bad news… because I happen to have pretzel rods and nutella in my apartment right now… and when it comes to nutella, I lack any sense of self control. Best WTW to date!

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