Cars and curbs


A few weeks back sister and I went out for lunch. We hit up my favorite sandwich place, enjoyed some cookies, and headed back to the office. But we had the misfortune of hitting some midday Atlanta traffic. So I did what any annoyed driver would do…searched for an alternative route out. Seemed pretty safe.

As I’m looking for my escape, sister says, “curb!” Okay, so great, there’s a curb. But because I’m me, I drive right over it. We laugh and laugh and laugh…And then in a matter of minutes, I nail ANOTHER curb!

It’s true kids. Turns out I hit curbs.
A lot.
And because my sister has a pretty hysterical sense of humor, this is what I came home to today:
My very own life in the form of a cake.
With a little red ambulance for good measure.

So this is your fair warning kids. If you see a black 4Runner in your path, just sit back and wait. I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts if there’s a curb anywhere nearby, I’m going to hit it.

Thank you Sister.
This cake made my day.


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17 responses to “Cars and curbs

  1. rhooby

    this is soooo funny!!!! i love that she enjoys your sense of humor. i’m sure you both got many laughs out of that.

  2. Oh gosh, I laughed out loud at that cake. I’m a fellow curb-hugger (and hurdler), so I could definitely relate.

  3. Amy

    Love your sister for this! Hilarious!
    Kinda dissapointed that you don’t actually drive a blue VW Thing, though! 🙂

  4. What? You mean everybody doesn’t do curb checks? How else are you supposed to know they’re still there?

    🙂 Great cake.

  5. That is SO funny, I love your sisters sense of humor! And you’re such a good sport!

    I too was kind of hoping you really drove a Thing. Ah well we can’t all drive Volkswagens…

    That cake is really creative! Are those giant pretzel sticks dipped in Cheez Whiz?! Awesome!

    Your sister rocks.

  6. Christina

    Love the cake! And the story…

  7. I love your sister. My brother does the same thing. If gets wind of something dumb I’ve done, he drives into the ground. (no pun intended)

  8. Yeah… We are totally meant to be friends… But maybe we should get a driver if we ever hang out.

  9. Your sister rocks. That cake is hysterical! Years ago, coming out of a bank, my husband suddenly started yelling at me. I swear it sounded like he was screaming, “TURD, TURD, TURD!” I thought he must have said TURN, so I start yelling back, “I AM turning!” Turns out he was saying CURB, and I promptly hit it. We still laugh about it today when one of us grazes one. That’s why I have the “lifetime alignment plan” at the tire store…heeheehee.

  10. I don’t even know your sister, but I feel very confident in proclaiming: she is AWESOME!

    (what are the sidewalks made out of??)

  11. that is the cutest thing i have ever seen! man, oh, man… i wish someone loved me enough to make me something like that LoL

  12. WOW! So very cool… you should be proud you have a really sweet and very witty sis! Love, love love it!

    And you’re not the only one, Katie. I hit curbs right and left, too!

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