Magpies and taste tests

I might have mentioned that my friendship with Elaine grew out of a mutual love of baked goods. So it really should have come as no surprise when she told me we’d be taste testing cakes for her munchkin’s 1st birthday party.
Now, I’m all for eating my face off. I love cakes. I love cupcakes. I love cookies. Hell, I love food in general, but a girl like me cannot afford to go blindly into a cake taste off. Elaine, and her skinny self, on the other hand, can. While she’s got guns from carrying around a baby all day, I don’t. So, while one of us can afford to indulge, the other one really just shouldn’t.

But I did.

Oh, I did alright.

And I loved every sugar filled second of it.

From the mini cupcakes from Magpies*
to the slices of cake from (insert bakery name here).

And then I walked back to Atlanta ate more. Chinese for dinner to be exact.  BBQ the next day. And I haven’t even talked about the fantastic brunch I had before the cake off extravaganza happened.  I’ll leave that for Thursday, when I’ve finally come down from my sugar high.

*And on a different note I wanted to highlight some of the cakes from Magpies.  Unlike one little bakery that shall remain nameless, Magpies was perfectly happy to let me take pictures of their goodies.  The sweet lady working even cleaned the cases that housed the cupcakes before I took pictures! And for that, I thank you Magpies.


If you’re ever in Knoxville and are in need of a sugar fix, go to Magpies.  In all sincerity, they have some of the best icing I have ever tasted. (And I have tasted a lot in my day.)



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14 responses to “Magpies and taste tests

  1. I love that polka dot cake.
    A bakery wouldn’t allow you to take photos? That’s craziness.

    • tell me about it. i always make a point of asking if i can take photos first. with the “bakery that shall remain nameless”, the manager, whomever she was, was pretty adamant about it. she later advised that i could take pictures of the sweets (we’d just purchased) outside. at that point, i was so annoyed that i didn’t want to give them any kind of online credit. (even if it’s only on my tiny little blog.) i’m bitter like that. 🙂

  2. I feel like I need cake now. And I no dessert for lunch. Only a banana. Boo banana, boo.

  3. Ooooo…I love those pale pink cupcakes with the pink curls on top. They’re so pretty! I’m making cupcakes for National Night Out tonight. The neighbors are putting up tables at the end of our cul de sac and we’re having a cook-out. I’m making cupcakes…strawberry, coconut & chocolate. I’m ambitious like that. And shame on that doo-doo head bakery manager for being snotty about photos. Any publicity is good publicity, especially when you were nice enough to ask first. They should be ashamed.

    • ambitious is an understatement. i plan to do things like that and then i end up hating my life 30 minutes into the project. i have a feeling though that you’re probably not as much of a nightmare in the kitchen as i am. 🙂

  4. Amy

    Love the modern, abstract designs on those cakes!

  5. Thanks to Nanabread for introducing me to your site, and I agree that the bakery manager is obviously a doo doo head! I too am in Atlanta and up for a cake tasting anytime! Or cheese tasting. Or wine tasting. Or cookie tasting. Or pretty much any kind of tasting! ha…

  6. These cakes look beautiful and SO DELICIOUS!! What a great cake taste off!

  7. You’re not helping. My sweet tooth has given birth to a sweethead and I cannot stop.

    I am starting a list. When I travel the country I will cross places off my list that I go to. Magpies is on that list.

  8. Oh man. Looooove the piping on those cakes. They’re so…Shel Silverstein-y. Darling.

  9. those mini cupcakes are to die for!

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