Sweeter in Tennessee

The past two weekends I’ve spent driving up to Tennessee. The first trip was to Nashville. This weekend was Knoxville.  And oddly enough, next weekend I’ll be heading up to Athens, GA for the Georgia / Tennessee game.  So I guess you could say it’s a bit of a Tennessee kind of month for me.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend these two weekends with two of my dearest friends.  And for the Knoxville trip, I finally met my friend, Elaine’s, soon to be 1 year old, Caroline.  

I met Elaine several years ago and our friendship developed over a mutual love of food…cookies actually.
Henri’s shortbread cookies to be exact. 
When she lived in Atlanta, we’d grab lunch a few times a week…
going to the same place everytime…
eating the same sandwiches everytime…
and with about as little guilt possible, eating the same shortbread cookies everytime.

She hasn’t lived in Atlanta for quite a few years, but her love of those cookies remains strong. And that’s precisely why I knew I had to bring a few  dozen along with me as an early birthday gift.

And we ate them.
For a snack, for a dessert treat, and, rumor has it, for breakfast too.

Somehow those cookies tasted just a little bit sweeter in Tennessee.
Thanks Elaine.



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12 responses to “Sweeter in Tennessee

  1. I love it, thats what friendships are all about. You made me smile this morning.

  2. Amy

    Cookies with coffee is probably my favorite breakfast. Those cookies look like something out of a cartoon – almost too cute to eat. Almost. What a good friend you are!
    I hope that the Dawgs pull one out of their arse for you while you are here. Sigh.

  3. Aww… what a cute story and a cut baby!! If I ever move away from Atlanta (won’t happen) maybe you can come see me and bring chicken salad??

  4. Sometimes a girl just needs cookies for breakfast! Your friend has a great smile!

  5. Caroline is a sweetheart.

  6. What a cutie that baby is and I’m assuming that’s your friend – beautiful smile. Maybe next time you head up to Tennessee you should just keep on driving north. I’d make it worth your while. 😉

  7. Katie, love that you developed a friendship over your mutual admiration of cookies. Baked goodness will never steer you wrong.

  8. Great shot of your lovely friend and her sweet little girl!!

  9. Great photo! But, where exactly is that cookie place? 😉

  10. Rhooby

    Oh those cookies………..

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