White Trash Puff Balls

With the help of a little search engine called Google, I have found yet another tasty white trash treat.
And this time, I actually made it.

That’s right. Hell froze over because I gutsied up and made a White Trash recipe.

What’s scarier…I actually enjoyed this one. No, really. I ate two of them. Two puff balls.
(Insert jokes here.)

Dec 30, 2008 003

Puff Balls
1 -8oz package sliced pepperoni
1- 8oz container cream cheese, softened
1- 10 package refrigerated Crescent Rolls

To make:
Dice pepperoni into smaller pieces.
Add pepperoni pieces to cream cheese, stirring until blended together well.
Roll out crescent rolls into triangles.
Slice each crescent roll into three smaller triangles.
Add a spoonful of cream cheese/pepperoni mixture to center of each triangle.
Pinch up each point of triangle around the filling.
Place dough balls onto cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 11-13 minutes (following crescent roll directions).

{Print it out here.}

Welcome to the white trash club.
Oh yeah, have a seat and enjoy.


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23 responses to “White Trash Puff Balls

  1. So if it includes cream cheese and crescent rolls, its automatically white trash? Hmmm…

  2. Woohoo. A White Trash Recipe you actually made AND sampled. Nice.

    Somehow, I was hoping there would be cheese puffs in the final product. Maybe next week?

  3. yum! those look so good…
    i would have had a hard time only eating 2

  4. Amy

    Meat. Cheese. Dough. Don’t think you can go wrong with these three ingredients. These look like great party food.

  5. You only ate *two*? These sound like lunch to me! 😉

  6. I admire you for only eating two! Cheese, pepperoni and rolls together sound pretty good to me. 😀

  7. C’mon – use pancetta instead of pepperoni, chevre instaed of cream cheese and phyllo instead of Pillsbury crescent rolls and Ina Garten would be all over it!

    • Ody, you’re a fella after my own heart. And my husband’s. That man is a goat cheese addict.
      Although the use of chevre and pancetta automatically negates it from being a white trash recipe.

  8. Mateo Nortini

    Next time add some bacon in the mix! That would be a serious party in your mouth. I really want to try these though. They sound delish

  9. I think those actually sound kind of good…maybe. I would try them. Using spam cubes instead of pepperonni would “white trash” them up a bit better, though. Hey, here’s a suggestion for your next White Trash Wednesday. It was one of my father-in-law’s favorite snacks while bass fishing in Oklahoma (sound white trash enough yet?): saltine crackers with a schmear of Miracle Whip topped with Vienna sausages cut in half length-wise. Be sure to rinse the meat jelly off first. C’mon! It’s got to be white trash if it contains the phrase “rinse the meat jelly off first” – right?!? Now THAT’s a white trash snack!

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  11. I just have to laugh at the name puff balls!

  12. mairzeebp

    A while ago, I gave up eating meat. I have since re- thought that decision and have included red meat as I found myself craving it so much that there was danger of me breaking into a Five Guys and being found lounging on a sack of potatoes surrounded by patties. Anyway, the one meat product that I found it most hard to do without…pepperoni. You can’t always make sense of love and the heart wants what it wants so, today, I will be sure it has some pepperoni and cream cheese :). My palate thanks you.

  13. once a recipe is tasty, nothing else matters :))

  14. these look a little elegant for “WT!” yummm!!

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