Autumnal Equinox.

The calendar tells me that we’re hours away from the first day of fall, but the suffocating heat is telling me something else. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Autumn, I envision wearing jackets, enjoying the crisp air not stressing over how low I can move the dial on the thermostat.

But right here in Atlanta it’s 90 degrees.
That is insane.

My stomach wants me to cook fall food like pecan pie.
pecan pie

And chili…
chili con carne

Not iced drinks and ice cream cakes.
iced mocha frappe

banana split ice cream cake

There is something very, very wrong with this picture.

Fall, if you don’t get here soon, well, we’re just not going to be friends anymore. Who’s with me???



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14 responses to “Autumnal Equinox.

  1. Here in Washington we have a balmy 66 degrees and frigid. I’m in my house and I am freezing (ok, I’m too cheap to turn on the heat yet!) The sun is out, for that I should be grateful since it’s rained for a week straight. Somewhere in between your heat and my cold would be perfect! Then we could make nice hot chili and homemade pecan pie without sweating *or* chattering of teeth.

  2. I am so right there with you. I’m ready for sweaters and warm apple crisp and snuggling on the couch under an afghan. It’s hot here, too, and I’m really ready for summer to be over!

    • susan and brooke- i feel your pain. i remember something about louisville being just about the hottest city on the planet this summer. atlanta wasn’t far behind. and snuggling under an afghan sounds perfect!

  3. We’ve already made chili. And it was awesome. But it needs to cool down again before we do so.

  4. rhooby

    it’s STINKING hot here. STINKING! but you know i love it 🙂 however, because i love you, i will also wish for fall to arrive. and not just on the calendar – it should arrive in the weather.

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  6. Ummm…new to Atlanta? If not then you know it doesn’t get cold here until November. And that’s why I live here. I vote for summer all year! Who’s with me!!!!!!!


    Well…I will just take my parade elsewhere.

    • k rock, sadly, i’m a southerner through and through. born and raised in alabama. i know, i have no excuse for my blind hatred for the heat, i just do. although i adore springtime. does that help? 🙂

  7. Amy

    I am so with you! Desperately in need of some chili. And stew. And pumpkin bread.

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  9. Summer is overstaying its welcome. How do we tell it to leave us alone? Maybe we should start yawning. Or I’ll pretend to leave and hopefully it’ll follow suit then I’ll come back and we can continue the Autumn party.

    It’s 93 here in the DC area. I insisted on wearing my new fall cardigan, even if it meant sweating like a demophobic in a shopping mall on Black Friday.

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