White Trash Wednesday! The Tailgating Kind

So even though we were in Southern California we still white trashed it up. We went to the Virginia/USC game on Saturday and because the majority of us flew in for the event, we didn’t have the big tailgating tents, tables, plasma tvs, or generators, but had food and beer.  And that my friends is a perfectly good tailgate. A little white trashy, but just fine for someone like, say, me.

Did I mention our tailgate was on….
An actual tailgate?

Oh yeah. It was. And it was chock full of food.

And libations…and more food.



And because we were in Southern California, the weather was perfect…and at times, slightly chilly. You know, the kind of weather that makes you happy to be outside.
Eating. And drinking.
And the kind of weather that even makes you forget to open your eyes when someone’s taking a picture of you…

Yeap, just your average white trash tailgate.

My tailgating wish for you is that you’ll follow suit this weekend.  Order your food from a local bbq joint, pack your beer in a styrofoam cooler, and crank some tunes from your car stereo.

And have one heckuva tailgating party in the process.



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7 responses to “White Trash Wednesday! The Tailgating Kind

  1. Holy cow–who is Christie Brinkley, there? And I love a tailgate that includes a huge bottle of Jack! LOL

  2. rhooby

    hey, kitchen witch, you must be talkin bout me, katie’s mil. hahahaha….. we had sooo much fun. and i would love to be there right now! my family is the BEST!

  3. I love tailgating just as much as going to the games. At least you had plates – we were rocking a roll of paper towels.

  4. MMM roasted corn and chips! That beer looks good too I’m a wee bit thirsty…it almost looks like you’re giving one of those half-bottle-gone smiles with your eyes closed! So cute. I’m glad you guys had fun! We may not follow suit cuz it’s supposed to rain this weekend…

  5. Oh my! Look at that corn… yum!! Next time you go West, go North and visit San Francisco!!

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