Lis(z)tomania – what I’m loving…at the moment

Seems that lists are all the rage nowadays. Everyone’s doing them. And because even though I’m in my mid 30s, I still want to be like all the cool kids. So here I am, on a Friday, writing out a list of what I’m lovingat the moment.

food blogs.
{photo courtesy of the boogie blog}
At last count I think there are about 4 gazillion of them currently being maintained on-line. And yes, I am one of those 4 gazillions. But unlike mine, these food bloggers can cook…and bake. Two tasks that I pretend to do on a daily basis.
My afternoon recommendations are:
three baking sheets to the wind
the boogie blog

double ovens.

Because I need them,and don’t have them.
Instead, I’m working with an oven that’s almost as old as I am and a microwave that was used (by the previous home owners) as a bread box.

photos of kids and dogs.
My creation
It’s something my alter ego has thoroughly enjoyed doing lately. That is, taking pictures of kids and dogs.

The Elastic Waistband Club.

It’s a bit of a running joke here at yawyeor that due to the nature of this blog, I’m going to have to resort to wearing only elastic waistband pants. Kinda funny, but unfortunately true. Becki D, a faithful commenter, created this little number the other day and I had to incorporate it into this blog.
It. Is. Brilliant.

Long holiday weekends.
It’s Friday. Monday is a holiday. That means I have a 3 day weekend.
I’m happy.


See what I did there?

Now it’s your turn. What are you dying over these days?



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9 responses to “Lis(z)tomania – what I’m loving…at the moment

  1. Sewing stuff. Knitting. Maybe crafting in general. And cake.

  2. rhooby

    hahahahahahaha….. i’m dying over the cupcakes with the elastic waist pants! that’s really funny!!!

  3. Amy

    This website:
    I spent hours looking through her DIY tutorials and I want to try them all. Really cute, crafty stuff.

    And cupcakes in stretchy pants? Awesomeness!

    • i just checked out that website and it is awesome. if i had even one diy bone in my body, i would be all over that site. especially the camera strap tutorials. how cute is that?

  4. …..yay!!

    I think you need to put it in the sidebar for the rest of us members to pick up. 🙂

    Love that song!

    Heh it kinda looks like the dog is gonna bite the baby’s head. Doh!

    My list:
    Photoshop, Sleeeeep, Down-Sizing, Sleeeeep

  5. two things:

    #1. you are so incredibly sweet to me & my blog!!! thank u so much for all the plugs, support & comments

    #2. my friend & i are also trying to make a list. i’m totally lagging on mine ’cause i wanna be “fancy” & take pictures of the actual things/persons on the list. (and lists are surprisingly hard to write)

    #3 (i lied, i had 3 things to say) i know i’m on low carb slump here, but i don’t know how you feel about carrot cake, but there’s a carrot cake blog coming up! mmmm… carbs!

  6. Yay lists!
    You can’t beat a good list.
    My list: watching films, writing lists of more films to watch, grease proof baking paper (a revelation!) and obsessing about getting the perfect food picture.
    Love. Lists.
    (I said ‘lists’ too many times and now it sounds weird :D)

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