I Smell A Giveaway!

And doesn’t it smell good?

There’s no real reason for this giveaway other than the sudden urge I got to have one the second I spotted these lovelies.

measuring spoons

measuring spoons

Well, that and because giveaways are pretty awesome.

So let’s make this easy…

To enter, just answer this one question:
What is your favorite comfort food?

No entries after 11p Saturday, August 21st.

One entry per person and sadly, open to US residents only.

Winner will be selected at random and announced Sunday, 8/22.

Good luck!  And bring on the comfort food madness!


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44 responses to “I Smell A Giveaway!

  1. I have to go old school and say mac and cheese. Extra comfort points awarded if it has “frizzled” ground beef in it. Think homemade Hamburger Helper.

  2. A nice chewy chocolate chip cookie (with a glass of cold milk on the side) 🙂

  3. Mashed potatoes and gravy. The real kind. A whole heaping plate of them.

  4. Jordan P

    There’s something about a chicken biscuit that always reminds me of post-hangover mornings during college…. mmmm.

  5. Ryan G

    Biscuits and sausage gravy, just like mama makes! (well not my mama, but someone’s…)

  6. I’m with Beth – nothing says home, and comfort and love like fresh baked, warm chocolate chip cookies with a tall glass of milk.

    Ah, I miss my Mom!

  7. I have to go with mac and cheese. Especially if someone else makes it. (Love those measuring spoons!)

  8. dr. b

    my vote goes for chicken and dumplings… my grandmother used to make these and we would pour them over waffles! yummm…

  9. I was going to say salt and vinager chips, or chunky monkey ice cream, but I guess you weren’t talking about “my boyfriend’s an a$$hole and I am going to eat myself into an unattractive state because of him” comfort foods…
    My favorite comfort food is my granny’s homemade chicken noodle soup. I am so thankful I was able to learn to make it myself. Now when I just need a little bit of “home”, I make a batch and eat it for a week! The smell fills the house and I the world is better for a little while.
    Oh, and those spoons are c-u-t-e…

  10. Jenn

    Comfort food, to me, is what you eat on a cold, rainy winter day. And on those days, I make Hoppin’ John. It’s my FAVE.

  11. An entire Thanksgiving meal, my favorite holiday and a excuse to eat more than my body can handle.

  12. jen

    My mom’s fried chicken gravy, served the next day over squishy white bread. (I know, I know… but it’s delish!)

  13. Pam

    I must say the most comforting food for me is pinto beans and cornbread, with sweet iced tea or a cold glass of milk.


  14. Those are adorable! As for my favorite comfort food… Thanksgiving Dinner. I can’t just choose one thing, I want it all.

  15. Dionne Baldwin

    My mom’s lasagna and homemade rolls. Nothing cures a bad day like mom’s lasagna. The rolls are just a perfect touch too! Since our summers are usually very very mild it’s good all year round too. 🙂

  16. Nothing was more of a comfort food to me than hot buttermilk biscuits and gravy. Can’t have them anymore, so alas, I am comfort food-less. 😦 BUT, loving those cute spoons!

  17. Oh, those are just too cute!

    Favorite comfort food? Oh, that’s tough… but I’m going to go with Milk toast for now (bits of white bread torn in pieces and mixed into sweetened, warmed milk)–so good on cold nights!

  18. malloryconger

    i would have to say homemade mashed potatoes – they are my favorite and remind me of good family time in ohio.

  19. meemers

    braised beef shortribs with whipped potatoes and roasted tomatoes…mmmmmmm!

  20. Holy moly I gotta get those spoons!!

    I love all things potato so I would have to go with mashed potatoes…made by someone other than myself.

    Mine aren’t that good. *shrinks away in embarrassment*

  21. Star

    Soup I love me some soup

  22. Maureen

    I would say either mac & cheese (which I have been wanting a lot of lately) or Chicken Noodle soup.

  23. Mika Rakovec

    The brownies that you made for me. Oh my gosh were they YUMMY!!:)

  24. These are gorgeous! Thanks for showing the Pier 1 tag. I never win anything, so I’ll know where to find’em.

    Comfort foods…, does wine count? heh. OK, I’m gonna go with Panamanian corn tortillas. There’s something about that crisp, crunchy corn cake that lets me know I’m home.

  25. meeyeehere

    Just one comfort food?? This could be very hard so let me think….. Okay, I am gonna say my favorite comfort food is eclairs!!!!! Yup, that or maybe a big giant bowl of my grand dads cheese soup and tortillas!!!I miss him.

  26. AshleyM

    Mac and cheese, the cheesier the better!

  27. Mary A

    Ahhh I’d have to choose between macaroni and clam chowder! I think macaroni’s in the lead though.

  28. Good ol’ mac and cheese. But homemade mac and cheese with lots of cheese!

  29. When I think of comfort food, I think of my mom’s stuffing. I only eat it on Thanksgiving, but it’s definitely my favorite!

  30. Jennifer

    Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk- let’s just say it is a good thing that they only sell it for a limited time each year!

  31. A warm brownie cut straight from the corner of the pan. NOM.

  32. Brandy H.

    Black eyed peas & cornbread!

  33. A warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie. Or three. 🙂

  34. Peanut Butter toast, with a swirl of honey on top.


  35. Amy

    Mashed potatoes, definitely. I prefer red skin potatoes, mashed with the skins on with butter and whole milk. That makes everything alright.

  36. Jan

    Yes, mashed potatoes and gravy! Favorite comfort food ever!

  37. Maria Romo

    My husband’s BBQ pork ribs, cheesy mashed potatoes and a beer (or 2)! YUMMY, and I didn’t have to do a thing!

  38. Definitely the warm gooey chocolate chip cookies. Or fresh cut french fries with vinegar…mmmmmmmmmm

  39. Christy

    tortellini with spinach and feta. Or french fries. You can never go wrong with french fries. Ever.

  40. Andi

    First post here. I just started following and I really enjoy your blog.

    My comfort food would be chocolate hazelnut cheesecake.

  41. My comfort food would be french fries with gravy.

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