marietta farmer’s market part 92

marietta farmer's market

Now that I live relatively close to a farmer’s market, I’m feeling that I should actually go to it. With all it has to offer, why shouldn’t I, right? The flowers, the fruit, the veggies…it just seems that someone who is as into food as I am would love a farmer’s market. And while I genuinely do enjoy perusing the aisles and soaking in the sights, I’ve yet to come home with something other than dog treats.

I’m fairly certain this has to be some sort of weird medical condition. I mean who drives the distance, parks the car, and walks through the crowds NOT to buy anything?

You know who?


I’m weird kids.

So I’m putting it out there today…on the internets…so that I can be held accountable…
As God as my witness, I will, before summer’s end, buy a piece of fruit…or a vegetable from the Marietta Farmer’s Market.
And eat it.

Now if you’ll excuse me…I’m going to hang my head in shame. Then I’m going to find some good recipes that call for fresh fruits/or vegetables. Preferably involving okra.

Hope you’re having a happy Saturday!



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13 responses to “marietta farmer’s market part 92

  1. Courtney

    Oh, don’t feel so bad. I too go to our local farmer’s market every week and have yet to buy a single piece of produce. I have bought a gyros, an empanada and bowl of paella, all of which come from the booths of local restaurants – not farms. Am I terrible?Maybe. By the way, try this for okra: fry it in a little olive oil, turning it until it is browned and crispy on all sides. Put it on a paper towel to drain and salt it. Great as a snack.

  2. You go to a Farmers Market which shows support for the local farmers. That in itself is commendable! =)

    I usually look for tomatoes when I go.

  3. At least buy some of those pretty flowers!

  4. Rhooby

    Photos are gorgeous! Summer’s bounty at it’s best. Next time you’re there get food and flowers. Some of those pies looked wonderful!

  5. Love the photos – it makes me want to go to farmers market. Because I’ve never been to one. To be honest, they kind of scare me. I mean, I skip over the produce section of the grocery if there’s too many people. No need to throw ‘bows over cantelopes.

  6. Beautiful photos! And hey, my dogs would be thrilled if I came home from anywhere with treats for them. So I (and my dogs) commend you!

  7. William
    Here are a bunch of Okra recipes everything from Okra Gumbo to Fried Okra, and Okra and tomatoes. Enjoy and, experiment. And, if you need some incentive call your mother in law.

  8. Christina

    You are funny! Maybe you should go with a recipie in hand so you will buy specific ingredients? Just an idea. Then, the meal or dish will be more special if you knew it all or mostly came from the local farmers? Good luck! I am jealous!

  9. I love fried okra!! Pretty photos, by the way!

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