White Trash Wednesday! A snack

This one may disgust a few of you so I’m just giving you fair warning now. If mayo creeps you out, have a nice day, we’ll talk tomorrow. If not, please read ahead.

I don’t know if this hors d’oeuvre has a name so let’s just cut to the chase…

You’ll need saltines and mayo. 

Spread the mayo over the crackers.
mayo on saltines
And you’ve got yourself a snack.

To fancy this little appetizer up, serve with a nice vino.  Preferably a nice red.
arbor mist
Or pink.  Or whatever shade of fuschia that is.

Now who wants to come up with a name for this “treat”? There’s no prize (remember, I don’t have any paid advertisers here…{anybody want to advertise here?}). But there are bragging rights.
And isn’t that better than a prize?



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33 responses to “White Trash Wednesday! A snack

  1. Paula Deen would so eat this snack. Well, she might have to butter the crackers first, but otherwise, it’s good to go. Definitely liking the beverage selection.

    • someone actually brought that over for dinner on a Wednesday…because it was in fact White Trash Wednesday. thoughtful, right? 🙂
      and yes, paula deen- butter, mayo, cracker= treat.

  2. Ew. I don’t like either of those enough to pair them. Did you eat them afterward, Katie? Be honest now.
    Mayo Delights
    Salty Mayo
    Quackers and Moo
    How About We Don’t And Say We Did Crackers

  3. Amy

    That is the pinkest Pinot Noir that I’ve ever seen! The lable says “A find wine product” – is that like “cheese food”?
    My babysitter used to make me balogna and butter sandwiches and I loved them, so I can’t judge the mayo on saltine.
    I’m trying to think of a name for these snacks, but all of them are R rated!

  4. Umm…eww.

    But I shall reserve these little nuggets o’sickness for the girl’s teenage years, where they will become:

    Next-Time-You-Won’t-Talk-Back Crackers.


  5. rhooby

    my mom used to fix us butter on saltines all the time. sadly, every now and then, i fix that snack. i reckon it’s the childhood comfort that comes creeping back. but mayo and crackers? with a “fine wine”? what’s fine about that wine??

  6. Katie, much as I do love me some Hellman’s, I don’t think I could bring myself to snack on this. It seems more like a punishment than a treat ; (

  7. Saltines and mayo-Nasty!!
    Saltines and Miracle Whip-Uber Nasty!!!

    Either way this is a pretty nast snack.

    But you gotta work with what you got.

    I think you should call this one:
    “Crackers Blanco”

    Sounds fancy huh?

    Your blog is cute!

  8. Deanna

    Yeah, my daddy would always do butter and crackers when we’d go out to eat.

  9. Oh my! I second K. Rock: NASTY! So white-trashy!

    I love cheez-whiz on saltines, too!

  10. Heather

    Great with cheddar of colby jack cheese….or I guess white trash would be american cheese slices! yummy!!!!

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  12. William

    I know most of you are not old enough to remember when this used to be the white trash “fine wine” of choice.

  13. I am so hungry and want some snacks thanks for the idea.

  14. lol. i do believe that was an excellent year for pinot. i’ve never tried the crackers with mayo–and I MUST–but i LOVE’EM with buttah. yep. uhhmm. buttah. I’ve even gotten the hubbz hooked.
    How about Saltimayo, an ode to an Italian classic 🙂

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