{take you…} on a cruise

My parents just returned from what might be one of their best vacations ever. The ‘rents took a cruise around the Mediterranean and saw some insanely amazing destinations…
Rome (my personal favorite), Turkey, Athens, Cinque Terre…you name it, these kids experienced it.

But…because they were on a cruise, this particular vacation was all about the food.
The copious amounts of food.

The tarts, the danishes, the pasta, the omelets, the lamb, the tuna, the sorbets…
Food was king on this cruise. As I’m fairly certain it is on all cruises.

My creation

So knowing this, why have I never been on one?

Clearly, this would be my mecca, right?

{thanks to mom and dad for taking tons of pictures so that i could blog about it. you guys are the best!}



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8 responses to “{take you…} on a cruise

  1. rhooby

    WOW!!!!!! what fabulous pix! my mouth is watering. hmmm…. a food cruise…. i thought i cruised for food every day. somehow, it never looks this good.

    • didn’t they do a great job with these pictures? can’t you see them photographing every item of food? they’re good like that. and i think cruises should be renamed “food cruises” because everything revolves around mealtimes while you’re on them.

  2. nomness is way high this morning. way high. 🙂

  3. Cruises are so much fun and, yes, the food is amazing. I’m always stunned when people get back from one and say the food was horrible (usually they mean it was too fancy in the dining room–I say bring it on!) but there are so many options there’s no reason not to enjoy it whatever taste buds you have.

  4. sayitinasong

    A cruise like that sounds like a dream holiday… I cold probably eat myself to death on one…lol…

  5. Amy

    I’m kinda on the fence about cruises in general (even though I’ve never been on one) but the Mediterranean cruise sounds like a dream. So jealous of your folks, but really happy for them that they got to have such a great experience.
    The food looks amazing! I’ve been to an all-inclusive resort and it is great that you can order multiple entrees and desserts if you can’t decide on just one and want to try everything. It is a dangerous game, however, if you don’t know when to stop.

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