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The other day I received one of the funniest comments this blog has ever seen with a recipe request for Red Velvet cupcakes.

It was too funny not to share. And don’t worry, I asked for permission first.  I swear.

I have to make cupcakes for a family picnic this Saturday and while I love anything related to any kind of cake in a cup, my baking skills are, shall we say, someone get me a Tums awful. Last family function I ruined those pre-made cookies that you just unroll and bake. Yeah, ruined them. I was thinking of trying your black bottom cupcakes because they look fantastic. I had promised though to do a red velvet. Why when I can barely make plain old vanilla, who knows. It probably has something to do with my wanting to live in a house made of red velvet that I eat myself out of. Anyhoo, by any chance, is there a red velvet cupcake recipe that you dig? I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks!

So I of course I went on the search for an easy red velvet recipe and a good cream cheese frosting recipe for good measure and sent it onto her.

The other day I received this response: 

Katie, the red velvet cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting were a hit. The family was going in for seconds and you should have seen the looks on their faces when they heard who made them I am officially off the blacklist. Well, for now. I am supposed to make macaroni and cheese next. You don’t know how much wrong you can do to a comfort food until you have had a seat at my dinner table. Ok, gotta run. Just whipped myself up a batch of the cream cheese frosting. Dinner time! Many thanks again for the recipe. If I had your address, my family would be sending you thank you notes and gift cards. I’m pretty sure they are already discussing how they can kick me out and adopt you. If I can’t find my place card at the next family wedding but see one for Katie, I’ll know…

All I know is that not only did this email make me laugh, it made me REALLY, INCREDIBLY happy.  I know there are quite a few of us (you know who you are people) who shy away from picking up the flour and the baking pans, but guess what, you can do it.

It all begins with that first step…and a cute apron.

(For more funnies from Mary, head on over to her blog.)



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12 responses to “a comment

  1. Amy

    I found her blog not too long ago and she is hilarious!
    Bloggers helping bloggers. Brings a tear to my eye!

  2. Sweetness! Love witty people. 🙂

  3. Too funny!
    Reading while having my morning cup Joe 🙂

  4. Katie, cute aprons are the secret to world peace.

  5. rhooby

    hahahaha… how great to be able to laugh at yourself!

  6. Love it!!!

    And you keep mentioning aprons. Tell me you’ve talked the MIL into making one for you to auction off. I want, I want!

  7. mairzeebp


    Thank you! Who knew that my inability to produce an edible baked good would lead to such a source of joy for me. Your post was so thoughtful and mentioning my blog was the icing on the cake (too much? I had to go for it, it was so obvious :). It’s official, you are now a part of the family. I have been moved to the kiddie table which is fine because we will be having tricuit pizzas. If however my Christmas stocking is taken down to make room for yours, I’m not going to be happy. You can have my family but you cannot have Santa. He’s mine. Thanks again!!

    Thank you again!

    • Mary- surely your family won’t be so quick to cast aside someone, who I’m fairly sure, is a constant source of entertainment at all family functions. Trust me, they’d rather have you than me. I’m a Southerner who talks faster than most Yankees. And talks a lot. About random crap. Random useless crap.

      And no thanks necessary. You provided me with a blog post. For that, I should be thanking you!

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