Ever since I started this blog, I’ve become obsessed with recipes.  To the point where I buy magazines for the pretty foods on the front cover. I have yet to actually attempt to make any of these recipes, but I still like to look at them.

I’m simple like that.

Don’t judge me.

And over this past year (and some odd months) I’ve come to love a few favorites…

This one is tried and true. And I secretly thank my mom everyday for hooking me up with what seems to be a lifelong subscription. {Thanks mom!}

And oddly enough, the Williams Sonoma catalog, if you really pay attention, has quite a few recipes…
As a matter of fact, just last night I tore out some stellar recipes for apple-blackberry cobbler, pork ragu, and Tuscan frittat affogata.

Wonder if I’ll make any of these…hmm.

Shocking, I know, but I do love Cooking Light. A good friend was kind enough to give me a few of the Cooking Light Annual Recipes and I’ve been hooked ever since.

But the magazine I am officially slobbering over is one I only discovered last week!

Taste of Home. Seriously. Where have you been all my life?

Guys- if you’re looking for recipes, this magazine is the mecca for all things awesome.
You want healthy?  They give you healthy.
You want weeknight meals? They give you weeknight meals.
You want potluck? Guess what? They give you potluck.

But what I love most about it is this magazine is comprised of real recipes from real home cooks.
Not chefs, but cooks.  Like you. And me.

So…where do you make your recipe discoveries?

Do you obsess over magazines like me? The thumbing through, the ripping out?
Is it online only for you?
Or are you a slave to good old fashion cookbooks?



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36 responses to “Recipes

  1. KissTheChef

    Love to read cookbooks and magazines, but save all the recipes on line so that I can get them from anywhere. I have files, subfiles, sub-sub categories, etc. I can usually put my hands on those that I save on line faster than going through one of my gazillion books or mags….Love this article…

  2. Frank

    Really enjoying your blog Katie!

    Check out:

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  4. Dionne Baldwin

    I like thumbing through magazines for new ideas and to see what’s trendy food-wize. I am i LOVE with Taste of Home! I discovered they had a cookbook thanks to my former co-worker and I absolutely love it. Simple and tasty recipes that I just love. Lately I like going through food blogs for ideas. I’m learning how to cook with chili’s right now and it’s amazing.

    I’ve never read Southern Living or Cooking Light but I’ll check them out. I always see Southern Living at the checkout counter at the store and they always have colorful and beautiful photos. They make me hungry. 😦 Lol but it’s worth a try!

    • dionne- definitely pick up a southern living next time. just thumb through it. i’ll admit, it’s not as great as it used to be, but it’s still pretty darn good. and what? taste of home has a cookbook??? d- you just made my day!

      • Dionne Baldwin

        Oh they have an endless amount of cookbooks! Casseroles, desserts, soups, light cooking, salads and sandwiches, southwestern…mine is a purple and white checked cover with a good variety of their recipes. There is a way to just get them mailed to you like a Taste of Home club type thing but I haven’t figured it out. 😦

  5. I used to subscribe to Cooking Light (years of archives that I eventually tossed during a move) and some of my favorite dishes ever are from their pages. (Thankfully available online.)

    Now we get Food Network Magazine and Bon Appetit. I’ve never been fond of Taste of Home (too much convenience food and canned goods, not exactly who I think of for healthy, either) but that cover makes me think they may have updated their style since I last checked them out.

    A funny thing about Southern Living: I was in New Orleans at my Aunt’s for Thanksgiving several years ago and flipped through her copy of SL and saw some great articles I wanted. She offered to let me take it back home (to Florida) with me but I said I’d just pick up a copy when we returned.

    Did you know the features are region-specific?! The same issue number that I picked up in Florida had different features in it than the one for Louisiana! (And, of course, it was the regional features I wanted, I just didn’t realize it!)

    • scraps- i completely spaced on food network magazine. my friend got me a subscription last year and i was hooked. love it, love it, love it. and yes- i did know about the regionality of southern living. my mom gets it and lives in alabama so i’ll check out some of their goods when i’m home.

  6. I have one of those church recipe books but instead of church-folk, the 5th floor nurses of Kosair Hospital compiled them. I use it. A lot. Or I call Mom. I do that a lot too.

  7. I love looking at magazines, but I hate paying for them and I hate storing them. So I just borrow my MIL’s, and she lets me do with them what I want. My in-laws rock!!

    Seriously though, I pretty much use the interwebs. Love me some interwebs.


  8. Oh lord, I have a multitude of recipe sources.

    Cookbooks? Yup.
    Blogs? Mais oui.
    Magazines? Natch.
    Newspapers? Not as much as I used to.
    Interwebz? Bingo.

    Plus, people send me recipes for my “project”.

    Before I thinned things out, I had about 3 year’s worth of Cooking Light magazines. I know I have a problem but I haven’t found a self help group for recipe hoarders.

  9. I heart cook books, but rarely make anything from them b/c they are old and want me to use 60 things to make something! but I am a magazine tearer too… and most recently a blog recipe stalker. thanks to you!

  10. Well, I’m not going to pretend I acutally read the recipes (except maybe the cocktail ones), but I love Bon Appetit for the pictures and the travel section, which fuels all my daydreams.

  11. Amy

    Those are some pretty foods!
    I love the magazines for the pictures and the recipes, but I just don’t like magazines in general because you have to do something with them or else they pile up. I do rip out pages, but I can’t usually get through them fast enough so I tend to stick with the internet. And my mom. She’s a wonderful cook.

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  13. newswriter06

    Totally addicted to my cookbooks. Had a stint that I only bought healthy ones, determined to stay on a 1400 calorie diet (it only lasted a few months – I like food too much), but now I get really good ideas from them and adapt them to what I have in my kitchen 🙂

  14. Thanks for the tip on Taste of Home. I just ordered my free issue. I love Food Network magazine too. Another really good one is Cooks Illustrated. It’s not pretty to look at (no pictures), but the recipes are good and the front and back covers are frame-worthy.

    • thanks for the tip leah! i’d never heard of cooks illustrated…or maybe i have and i just don’t remember. i do love photos though. just makes the cooking easier for some reason.

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  16. Me too!!! I’ve always gravitated to cooking mags & books, but these days… I go nowhere else! Cooking magazines call my name, I’m summoned by the pretty pictures.

    I just picked up a special issue of Vanidades while I was in Panama. All Latin foods. But I think my favorite stateside are Bon Appetit and Gourmet. I still mourn the loss of Saveur, but do love their website.

  17. Deanna

    I’ve found that stuff in “Taste of Home” is kind of bland. (I did make a nice Thai Coleslaw from there a few months ago, though.)

  18. Take care. Thank you. I will be back.

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