White Trash Wednesday – Fire Pies

Working off of the fried pie theme, fellow blogger Amy, from (the incredibly witty and clever blog) Fix It Or Deal, sent me quite the doozy of a recipe.  For Fire Pies.

Your delicious blueberry fried pies reminded me of a very white trashy version: Fire Pies.  Just in case you are ever desperate for White Trash Wednesday material*, here is the recipe:
White bread – Wonder, Sunbeam, Bunny, whatever brand you prefer
Fruit Jelly – or jam, if you wanna get fancy.  Any flavor.
Butter – or margarine or “spread”

Fire – the bigger the better, if you have gasoline, use it
Cast Iron Pie Cooker – these babies can make much more than pies and they are a handy weapon if you are out of buckshot (buy yours from Amazon.com today)
Cast-Iron Campfire Pie Cooker

Butter a slice of bread, on the unbuttered side, add a heapin’ dollop of jelly, top with another slice of bread, buttered side out.  Place jelly sandwich inside the pie cooker, close and latch the cooker then hold over the fire, turning a few times for even cooking.  After about five minutes (or the time it takes to drink one PBR) remove cooker from fire, open and dump your fire pie on to a paper plate.  IMPORTANT!: Pie filling will be hotter than magma.  If you like having a tongue, wait for pie to cool a bit before eating.


See, I told you she was witty.
Now when you’re done here, go read her stuff. And check out her works.

*And yes, I am always on the hunt for great white trash recipes.  If you have one you’d like to submit, send an email (that will totally be included in the blog post) and the recipe to me at kmslat@yahoo.com

And a big thanks to Amy for sending such a great WTW recipe my way.



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16 responses to “White Trash Wednesday – Fire Pies

  1. Amy

    She isn’t fibbing when she says that the email will be included in the post, people. That’s my email verbatim. Thank god I spell checked!

    Katie – you are awesomesauce! Thanks for makin’ me famous on your excellent blog. Your compliments totally make my day.

    • amy- you rock for even thinking about me! and of course i included your email! it was hysterical. there’s no way I could ever be that funny. had to take it and run with it. 🙂

  2. I must say you are brilliant – I find myself looking forward to Weds. just to see what you will post. I love the White Trash idea! (and often, the recipes…fine, I admit it)

  3. Katie, I pledge my allegiance to you and WTW.

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  5. rhooby

    Ooooweeee!!! Girl got game!!

  6. mairzeebp

    “It’s hotter than magma.” Already love Fix It Or Deal and look forward to anytime she posts and for that matter am flattered whenever she leaves a comment on one of mine. Love the idea of White Trash Wednesdays. Will be tuning in…thank you for the laugh!

  7. I love popping in and seeing what you have got going on for White Trash Wednesday, just too frigging funny, thanks for a good laugh as per usual.

  8. We do this when we camp. Only the insides are pizza ingredients and then you a pizza sandwich. Again, I see nothing wrong with this.

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  10. umm…I have never seen that little cooker thingie before, but how did I make it this far in life without one? Excuse me while I go shop Amazon.

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