What I’m loving now…

I noticed that a couple of bloggers were posting lists this week.  What they love, what they hate, what they’re doing…

And because I’ve hit a big fat red brick wall on the blog post ideas, I’m totally copying theirs.

So here’s what I’m loving right now…

My creation

(let’s just pretend I’m semi-healthy…)


aprons (then again, I’m always loving them..)

non-“food” blogger buddies creating fantastic treats
(courtesy of perpetually peeved)

(courtesy of shutterboo)

Real Housewives of New Jersey
(just making sure you’re paying attention. but let’s be honest, this show is freaking fantastic.)

Sara Bareilles
(so it’s not exactly food related, but seriously, I’m suddenly obsessed with this album 3 years too late…)

Lamp Shade Pendants
seriously, how cute is this thing? do you know how incredibly perfect this would look in my kitchen? (photo courtesy of whitehaven interiors)

High End Kitchens (that I salivate over daily)
In Atlanta, of course.  (Pendant lights again!)
(photo courtesy of this photographer’s life)

So, that’s what I’m loving now…okay, so sadly, this is just a sampling of what I’m loving right now…but you get the idea.

Now it’s your turn….what has your heart all a flutter these days?



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19 responses to “What I’m loving now…

  1. I am simply over the moon about my new dining room chairs. Finding the perfect table was a huge win but I never imagined how hard it would be to find (relatively affordable) chairs to go with it.

    • wendi- congrats! not even joking…finding a table and chairs is hard. esp cheap ones. jealous. 🙂

      • I used the “this will be the last dining table and chairs we will ever buy” logic because it’s hard not to wince at spending two month’s worth of mortgage payments on furniture. But my god, the table is stunning and the chairs are beauteous.

  2. That lamp is adorable, and that kitchen made me wicked jealous. I’m loving cold Arnold Palmers and watermelon salads. And air conditioning.

  3. I’m totally loving those pendant lamps. And the sink in that last picture? *sigh* Love.

  4. I too am loving berries, housewives (can’t wait for the DC premier) and high end kitchens!

  5. I’m still getting caught up on Bethenny Getting Married, but New Jersey and Atlanta are my Housewives. I love Jacqueline and Caroline 🙂

  6. Hmm… let me go in the same order:
    1. Oskar Blues beers
    2. Hand-sewn baby carrier canopies (everyone I know is having babies and these make the perfect gift)
    3. Making something cool enough to be recognized on a “food” blog! 🙂
    4. Jersey Couture
    5. Best of the Bangles
    6. Accordian sconces for beside reading
    7. Libraries to drool over (real ones, with BUILT-IN bookshelves)

  7. Amy

    Berries are always delish and that kitchen – drool!
    I’m loving looking forward to my next vacation in a couple weeks, Cover Girl lipstain and gathering ideas for next year’s day planner which I want to make myself from scratch (I have issues).

  8. blaynebeacham

    Look at you go! I love your list. Thanks for the shout out 🙂 Things I love…

    1. all photographs taken where it looks like there have been light leaks on the film…
    2.Birds… bird earrings, bird statues, bird pictures, bird artwork… you name it…
    3. Polaroids.
    4.Unsweet tea and diet lemonade mix from chick-fil-a (im getting off diest coke and it has not been fun)
    5. Castleberry Hills!!

    This was a fun list to make 🙂
    Are you coming on Thursday?

  9. Agreed regarding Sara B. Ingrid Michaelson too.

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  11. Me love cookies. I also love kitchens that look like those but I’ll have to keep dreaming on because that will never happen. Look at my basement… and that’s only taken a year and half.

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