#1 most favorite restaurant in all of Atlanta.

Months ago, I started the run down of my favorite Atlanta restaurants.

It’s taken me since May to finish this list, but drum roll please, I’m finally at #1.
But for those of you who might have missed 2-5, here’s a quick recap:

#5. Five Guys (yes, I am aware it’s a chain. however, there are storefronts in Atlanta, therefore it counts. 🙂 )
#4. The Silver Skillet
#3. Bacchanalia
#2. Taqueria del Sol

And coming in at #1 on my most favorite Atlanta restaurants list is….

Kevin Rathbun Steak.
photo bar
To sum it up…

I crave the spinach salad. Anticipate the twice baked potato selection. And know in advance, my husband and I will be sharing the dry aged steak for two.

The food is flawless, the service is spot on, and the atmosphere (from the brick walls to the dark stained hardwoods) keep me coming back for more. Plain and simple, I adore this place.
photo rs

(sorry for the iphone/hipstamatic photos. sometimes i get weird about taking my camera into the more high end restaurants. i know, i’m a freak,  but that’s why you love me.)

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5 responses to “#1 most favorite restaurant in all of Atlanta.

  1. So, you finally made it! We still need to go grab a drink there soon!

  2. rhooby

    i love that place and i don’t even live in atlanta! and we love you for many reasons….

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    Is this possible?

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