King of Pops

king of pops

Clearly, this is my “hit up every single eatery I’ve yet to visit in Atlanta” week on YAWYEOR.  My apologies to those of you who aren’t within driving distance…but it does give you an idea of how much food is at my disposal at any given second. 
It also gives you an idea of how much exercise I should be doing.

On one of my most recent jaunts around town (in search of food, of course), my friend and I ended up at the corner of North Ave. and North Highland.  To those of you not familiar with this little corner, this is the official home of  King of Pops.  

mosaic kop

King of Pops might seem like merely a popsicle stand, but trust me, it’s so much more.  On this corner, Steven Carse, the owner, mastermind, and all around cool guy (see- cute), is quickly turning an everyday treat into a full on institution. My creation

He’s using fresh, local ingredients all the while creating some incredibly tasty and innovative treats….(and an insane amount of buzz along the way.)
Just look to his trusty chalkboard for that day’s selection to see exactly how creative he can be.
(Fresh GA Peach, Chocolate Sea Salt, Honeydew Basil, Strawberry Rhubarb, Hibiscus Margarita and the list goes on…)

Unfortunately, I’ve only visited Steven’s cart once…had the chocolate sea salt.
Loved it.
Loved it so much I got it all over myself.

Guess I’ll just have to remember to use a napkin (or 40) next time.

So if you’re in the area, he’ll be tending his cart Tue-Fri/3p-730p and Sat-Sun/12n-730p. Oh and while you’re at it, get a t-shirt. Just sayin’.

*Thanks to King of Pops for letting me shove my camera in his face.

**Now go follow him at

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22 responses to “King of Pops

  1. I want a wicked cute popsicle guy in my neighborhood! Particularly those flavors! I’m jealous!

  2. blaynebeacham

    He’s hot! Wow… and what a creative Idea. I think the GA peach sounds amazing, but I might go just for the view. 🙂

  3. How much do you think it would cost to get some of those pops shipped up to Bawlmer?

  4. Chocolate sea salt?? I have to see if he has that one my way home. We tried Mexican chocolate (yum), Arnold Palmer, which is half ice tea/half lemonade, grapefruit mint and honeydew basil. All were yummy. Chocolate took first prize though. 😉

  5. Amy

    Look at him! He’s so cool he doesn’t need a freezer to keep his pops cold. 🙂
    Honeydew basil sounds delish!

  6. I have nothing to say. Other than I’m jealous. Wicked jealous.

  7. Rhooby

    Gee, Popsicles must be the new chocolate. Indie Popsicle stands are turning up everywhere. We have one here in Cville, but not with a guy THAT good lookin!!!

  8. Ooohh… King of Pops is a hottie. Fresh GA Peach and Chocolate Sea Salt sound very tasty!! Love it!

  9. angry annie

    Any chance there’s an opening for queen of pops?

    I just found this another food blog. What drew me here was the raspberry panni.

  11. I picked up a couple on the way home today, chocolate sea salt for my wife and banana puddin’ for me. We’re just far enough away that they softened a little in the heat, making them both even better IMHO. I’ve had some of his other flavors, but I gotta tell you, this banana puddin’ was awesome. Easily my favorite.

    • louster, you and your wife are exactly like my husband and me. i’m the chocoholic and he love banana pudding. i wanted to get that one for him (photo op day), but kop was out! blast! guess i’ll have to trek back over there soon to get one.

  12. These pops are amazing and I loved reading abt how this guy started his company in Atlanta magazine! Well deserved, dude. Pretty sure he’s as yummy as his pops!

    • ha! claire, I concur. this guy is precious. there’s a video interview he did with scoutmob (on their site) explaining how the whole thing came to be. let’s just say, he’s a driven man and well, he’s hot. I saw that he was at the pieces event too. read your post about it. 🙂

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