WTW – black ‘n blue pancakes

wtw black and blue pancakes done

Have I mentioned how much I love it when you guys send me your recipes? No? Well, I do.
Like, a lot.

Friday afternoon I received this email from Becki D , (an insanely talented baker and precious mother of two):

Hey Katie!

So I had a great breakfast this morning, but when I started thinking about submitting it to PW’s Tasty Kitchen, it occurred to me (especially after I decided on the name) that this particular recipe was probably better suited to WTW.  Yes, my breakfast qualifies for WTW.  

Black n Blue Pancakes:
{printable version here}

1c Bisquick
1/2c Milk
1 Egg
1 handful (roughly a cup) of blueberries (fresh, or frozen)
1 handful mini chocolate chips (roughly a cup)

Grab your favorite plastic bowl, stir up the first 3 ingredients til the egg is pretty well beaten but the lumps ain’t showin, then drop by heaping spoonfuls onto a hot, buttered skillet.  Drop a few blueberries and a good sprinkling of chocolate chips on top, then cook til the batter starts bubbling.  Flip, and tan the other side of that pancake’s hide.

Scoop onto a plate and slather with your favorite imitation syrup.

From one connoisseur to another,

Becki D.
So, I did exactly as Becki D. said.  Picked up my favorite plastic bowl and went to town. And white trash or not, these pancakes were good.  Seriously good.

wtw mosaic b&b

Thanks so much to Becki D. for sending the recipe my way. I told her I felt honored that she’d think of my site in the same thought process as The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen. (Yes, kids, that’s a big deal.)

You guys keep ’em coming…and I’ll keep on making ’em!
Happy Wednesday everybody!

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18 responses to “WTW – black ‘n blue pancakes

  1. This is why we adore you Katie.

  2. rhooby

    becki made the right choice!

  3. Amy

    I agree, Becki did make the right choice. These look delicious!
    To “trash” them up a bit, I think you need to suggest making them while wearing a wife-beater. And, you know you can always use Batter Blaster! πŸ™‚

  4. Again I ask, what is so bad about this? Give me the Hungry Jack ‘just add water’ and I’ll give you a breakfast. Or me a breakfast.

  5. I found another Atlanta blogger! I love your recipes and reviews-I will be checking back often!


  6. YAY!! You used it. AND you liked it. My day? Totally made.


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  8. Dionne Baldwin

    This is awesome and perfect for WTW! This is too funny. πŸ˜€ Happy Wednesday and thanks for posting this!

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  10. So where can we send our WTW ideas to? πŸ™‚

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