Another Atlanta Spot…Highland Bakery

Of course, being me, I’m a little late to most everything. The first time I checked out Highland Bakery wasn’t until I did the Sugar Coma tour a few months back.  Yet, the restaurant has been around since 2003.  Kind of pathetic, right?

So, I went back for a real sit down visit a few weeks back.  And now I’m kicking myself that it took me so long to get there.  It’s yet another fabulously tasty spot in Atlanta.  I tell ya, we’ve got a few.

Anyway, Highland Bakery is obviously known for well, their bakery, but the breakfast, brunch, lunch selection is equally as good.

mini doughnuts



Okay, so the wait to be seated can be a bit lengthy…
But the food, my friends, is worth it.

I’m still not sure why I’m such a slacker at trying new places. Especially when the food looks like this.

So tell me…
Do you get stuck in a restaurant rut?
What new places are you dying to try in your city?

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13 responses to “Another Atlanta Spot…Highland Bakery

  1. Yes. I used to try a lot more places with a co-worker but she has since left the building. But I dig my hot spots. I do want to try Ce Fiore in our Highland District – I hear it’s similar to Pink Berry and I maybe kind of need it. A little.

  2. You know they are opening another location in Midtown, right? Yum. Their cakes (for parties and such) are amazing too.

  3. Amy

    I’m not even entirely sure what that last picture is, but I know I want to eat it.
    There are a few new places in Athens that I want to try, but it seems like most of them have about 10 tables and a very long line and my patience is not what it used to be. I want to just be able to show up and eat, not plan ahead or wait.

    • amy- that last photo is of fried chicken eggs benedict over grits smothered in what is eerily similar to taqueria del sol’s cheese dip.
      And yes, lines suck. I miss the days of living in athens where I could walk into inoko, zim’s (may it rest in peace), the grit and heck even the grill in rare occasions and find a seat. now compadres was always a wait, but that place was fantastic for people watching so I didn’t mind so much.

  4. hey b- they sure were. i haven’t taken the lens off yet! i ♥ it!

  5. rhooby

    those donuts want me to eat them.

  6. Fried chicken eggs benedict over grits? Oh sh*t take me there!! I love fried chicken in any shape or form. More so bathed in delicious gravy-esque hollandaise sauce. Yum!

  7. You’re the 3rd person to recommend Highland Bakery. That’s it. I’m there.

  8. Food looks wonderful.
    Yes my husband and I are really in a restaurant rut, we go to the same place every week, and he pretty much orders the same thing. We love it there and it is always really good, but once in awhile we need to change it up.

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