My Friend the Pastry Chef

A few years back I had the most adorable co-worker. She was kind, smart, and just about the cutest person you’d ever want to work with (or meet for that matter). But one day she out-smarted us all and left our little 9-5 rat race.  And once she left, we lost touch with each other.

Fast forward about 3 years.

I’m meeting a friend at a local restaurant called Parish to pick her brain on all things photography catch up.  We’re making some last minute food purchases when lo and behold I see the most amazing treats on the counter. And next to them, this sign:

treats by snacks

It takes a second for everything to click. Then it hits me, my sweet friend (see comment above) is working at Parish.  So I text her… and frantically call her to find out if this Chris Marconi is in fact my Chris Marconi.

It was.

It is.


And so now, instead of fighting the daily corporate grind, Marconi, aka Snacks (her nickname back in the day…who knew we were so prophetic) is the pastry chef at Parish here in Atlanta. And instead of filing paperwork, she’s making beautiful treats and desserts like these:

parish marconi collage

And something tells me that she was meant for this job.122

And I, for one, couldn’t be happier…or prouder.
So if you’re ever in Atlanta, stop by and try one of Snacks’ treats.

And then maybe take a few more for the road. (Hint: Get the s’mores poptart.)

{thanks to chris for letting me invade her work place to take 4 zillion photos of her AND her beautiful food.}

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18 responses to “My Friend the Pastry Chef

  1. Helen Young

    I love it when people find the “thing” they’re meant to do – awesome. And inspiring.

  2. rhooby

    good for her to follow her muse. and look at the benefits!!

  3. Awesome – I really think so many of stay in the 8-to-5 lane because it’s safe. But this is awesome.
    And I needs one of those hostess look-a-likes. Stat.

    • boo- i’m sad to report i didn’t try the hostess cupcake. i will though. and i’ll give you a full report. and you’re right. too many people are scared to take the plunge, but not chris. and it paid off huge for her…and me because now i get to enjoy her treats. 🙂

  4. yum! love this post. And i love folks that quit the rat race to do what they love. I am going to do it one day!

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  6. What great story!! How fun to catch up with an old friend after such a long time, and to find she is so talented 🙂 Also, your pictures are fabulous!!!! I love how you put them all together!!!

  7. cheryl reina

    I’m Chris’ mom and I know all she’s sacrificed to reach her goal to be independent and successful. I’ve also tasted many of her creations… run, don’t walk to sample the sweet sensations!

    • cheryl, your daughter has amazing talents! i’m hoping she’ll teach me a few tricks. and i cannot tell you how happy i am for her that she has found her true calling. but, i miss working with her everyday.

  8. how great that your friend is doing what she wants to do! I love her tat and that beautiful smile!
    Your images are incredible, I would love to see more of them!
    thanks for sharing your adventure with us

    • chef dennis- thank you so much for your sweet comments. yeap, marconi, aka snacks, really is that adorable….and that tattoo is just one of many. 🙂

  9. Chris Marconi

    Katie! You did such an amazing job with this! I’m so blown away at all of your thoughtfulness. Thanks so much for this super-duper awesome shout out to your old pal. Your website is really adorable! Look at all the exclamations in this reply!
    p.s. my mom is so cute 😉


  10. very inspriring indeed. makes me want to
    take a pastry class

  11. Amazing cookies and sooooo cute header! 🙂

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