A Fabulous Fourth


Hopefully, everyone has recovered from another festive 4th of July. At my house, we ate. And then ate some more.
And today, I’m still in a food come.
We didn’t do anything special because I’m a loser dork who doesn’t know how to throw a party. Instead, we kept it simple.  I did in fact make the Pioneer Woman’s bacon wrapped jalapenos.  Except I took it a step further and added a four cheese blend to the mix. Then, instead of baking them, we grilled them.

To say they were good is an understatement. And did I mention, easy?

And there may have been some of this going on too.
Don’t judge me. It’s tasty.

We finished the night watching the local fireworks display with a few thousand of our closest friends. As it turns out, the suburbs have a fantastic fireworks show. {Reason #22 why I love the ‘burbs.}




How did you spend your 4th? With friends? Family?
Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend!



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12 responses to “A Fabulous Fourth

  1. OH my those look amazing. Do you mind if I try them? I’m into grilling lately. Srsly. I’m glad you had a good fourth! We had a cookout with some friends and worried about our dad…turns out he had a minor stroke so he is getting “advice” from all of us kids today but he is well. 🙂 So it turned out to be a very good day for us too.

    • Oh Dionne- I hope your dad heeds your advice. I know he will. So glad you had a great 4th! And yes, you must try these. They’re so good! Just remember, cover your hands before working with the jalapenos. I didn’t have gloves so I used ziploc bags. Hey, it worked! 🙂

  2. ok… MUST TRY those jalapeno thingamabobbins! i’m gonna omit the cream cheese & use four cheese, as well. i have a friend who doesn’t like cream cheese & i think the four cheese would be a great sub. glad you had a great 4th! loooove the fireworks!

  3. those look AMAZING!!!
    I wish I could keep up with all the yummy things you are making!

    • melissa- i’m having trouble keeping up with what i’m making! i think my next week’s worth of posts should be about healthy eating. and running. 🙂

  4. rhooby

    i know those had to be delicious!! and it appears that you had a fabulous 4th!

  5. Those look yummy, Katie. Are they hot though?

    • I’m not a fan of the spice, but these are so tasty, that I just have to eat them slowly. so yes, they are hot. Even with every part of the heat picked out of the jalapeno.

  6. Dick Slattery

    Beautiful fireworks pictures. We also watched them from a friend’s house through the foliage. Quite pretty! Our food was much less spicy than yours; barbecued chicken, ribs, oriental coleslaw, deviled eggs, fresh creamed corn, homemade ice cream and “biscotti”. The last item was strange but delicious! I’ll have to try your jalapeños wrapped in bacon when I come visit!

  7. Those poppers look aaaaaaaaaawesome! And the fireworks, love those shots. I spent the 4th feeling like I was going the worship the ole’ porcelain god. Didn’t have to make it to church, but I missed the fireworks. Thanks for sharing yours!

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