It’s Independence Day


And that means it’s time to light up your sparklers, go watch some fireworks, and eat your faces off. And although I’m totally lame and have zero plans for this holiday weekend, I have a nice idea of what I would like to do, eat, and drink. Maybe one day I’ll be uber cool and actually host this holiday party. 

bacon wrapped jalapenos
potato salad
blackberry pie
firefly vodka/lemonade


And although I’m no planner, I could at least pretend for a hot minute because I would totally decorate it to the nines.
red white and blue glasses
courtesy of ikea

Nautical Lantern, Small, Red

Sausalito Melamine Dinner Plate, Blue, Set of 4

Flameless Pillar Candle, 4", Ivory

courtesy of pottery barn

Stick around kids. This may actually happen. One day.  Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if and when it ever does.

Happy 4th of July my friends!



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13 responses to “It’s Independence Day

  1. rhooby


  2. Amy

    That sounds like an awesome party that you may or may not have one day!
    My sister makes bacon wrapped jalapenos and they are soooo good. She uses thick-cut turkey bacon and her own peppers from her garden stuffed with cream cheese. Wear gloves if you make them, though, cause your hands will start to sting from the jalapenos after a while.

    Happy 4th to you!!

  3. Thank you, wise one! I’d never heard of this Firefly business. Now, I simply must incorporate it into my weekend. Happy 4th to you as well !

  4. Come to Kentucky! This year is our third annual. We haven’t set off fireworks though – cornhole boards are usually in the way.

  5. Katie, I think a lot of people are just chillin’ this weekend… no big plans or anything. My goal (which I think you should adopt) make 5 hotdogs with buns, dip them in water, and try to eat them during the Nathans hot dog eating contest… we’ll compare notes monday 🙂 ha ha… have a great holiday girl…

  6. I always get so inspired by holiday recipes and decor, but I am also totally lame and never manage to have the party of my dreams. One day I hope to live in a big gorgeous house with a closet (and budget) dedicated solely to holiday-themed tableware, and a giant deck that’s perfect for parties, and a sweet neighbor girl who’s more than happy to occupy my kids while I’m whipping up signature cocktails. Alas, until then I guess I’ll stick to grilling a few hotdogs in the honor of the 4th. Hope you have a happy one!

    • alyssa, maybe we should set this as a goal for ourselves. next year we’ll both host 4th of july parties. you’ll have some sweet high schooler look after your kids and i’ll have my dogs running around in the yard. 🙂

  7. Give me enough notice and I’ll bring the cheesecake 😉

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