Mexican Stuffed Shells

Who doesn’t love a little Mexican mixed with their Italian dishes?
If the word Mexican is placed in front of the word food, then it is game on kids.
Game on.

A friend emailed this recipe to me months ago and I only just recently tested it out. Yeap, I’m an idiot.
Or I’m completely lazy. Not sure which description fits me best here.


So please don’t make my mistakes.
Instead, just go ahead and make this now.

Mexican Stuffed Shells
{printable version here}
1 lb ground beef
1 package taco seasoning
4oz cream cheese
12 jumbo pasta shells
1 cup salsa / taco sauce (I used the sauce)
1 cup mexican cheese blend

To make:
-brown ground beef. drain. return to saute pan. add taco seasoning. prepare according to package directions.
-add cream cheese, cover and simmer until cheese has melted. mix well. set aside. cool completely.
-meanwhile, prepare shells according to directions. drain , then set shells out individually on a flat surface (cutting board, etc.)
-pour salsa/sauce on bottom of 9×13 inch baking dish.
-stuff each shell with meat mixture. place shells open side up in baking dish.
-cover shells with taco sauce.
-cover and bake for 30 minutes.
-add cheese blend and bake another 10-15 minutes.
-top with diced scallions.



Serve with a pitcher of margaritas.
Or a nice bottle of pinot noir.
I mean let’s be honest, this dish has a total identity crisis.


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18 responses to “Mexican Stuffed Shells

  1. Wow! That looks delicious and so easy to make. I can’t believe you were so lazy and didn’t make it right away!

    Ps. The photos have really nice composition .

  2. pajamadays

    Just printed – I can’t wait to make this! I might even make a little queso “sauce” to go with it. Everything is better with Rotel. : )

  3. rhooby

    this looks really good. did you like it?

  4. Amy

    They’re like little mini tacos, only in a pasta shell. Brilliant!
    And not a single slice of Velveeta.

  5. Sorry. You’re blasphemizin’ the stuffed shells here. I can’t be a participant. 🙂 I did think you you last night when I made tortelloni alfredo. Okay, so it was Butoni chicken & prosciutto store-bought tortelloni. But, I did mix the heavy cream, butter, pepper and half a jar of grated parm together to make my own sauce. Does that count?

    • oh no! i promise, pp, i was not trying to deman the shells. this dish was pretty tasty.
      and i’m so proud of you for putting together such a meal! sounds like something right up my alley. 🙂

  6. Oh my YUM. That looks really good. I think I may make this tonight!

  7. ok. really. I am going to be a cow because of your blog.

  8. Dick Slattery

    This looks really tasty. Think I’ll make this one for pop this next week. I’m also going to send you a chicken curry recipe that you might like to make and put on the blog. It’s great fun and delicious! Good for a large group of people.

  9. you had me at cream cheese

  10. wowza! That.looks.UBER.yum.yum!

  11. malloryconger

    i found your blog when it was featured on the wordpress homepage for dinner parties. after doing some reading, i printed quite a few of your recipes to try. these mexican stuffed shells were the first ones we tried – DELICIOUS! we made them a 2nd time and used turkey meat as a beef substitute and added chopped jalapenos to the meat, so delicious. THANK YOU!

    • mallory- so glad you came back! yeap, this little recipe is one of those silent assassins. you would never expect it to be so tasty! but i like your use of turkey instead of ground beef. i may have to go that route next time. 🙂

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