Baked French Toast Casserole

How do you feel about using up your daily allotted calories by 10am?
If you’re okay with it, then keep reading. If you’re not, then go here.

For those of you brave enough to keep going, you’ll be happy to know this recipe involves bread, pecans, sugar, butter and a whole hecukva lot of other tasty ingredients.

You still with me?


pre baked french toast

Because this is what your Saturday morning is going to look like.
baked french toast

You’re welcome.

Recipe adapted from Paula Deen’s Baked French Toast Casserole.




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23 responses to “Baked French Toast Casserole

  1. 1. Love the link.
    2. Why didn’t you call me for breakfast?
    3. Hit me up next time, yo.

  2. Why don’t we all just admit that calling it “french toast casserole” is just a conscience-soothing way of getting around eating bread pudding for breakfast?

  3. Wendi

    When can I get you and Boo to relocate to the Baltimore area? Because I need you ladies here to cook and shoot with.

  4. Dionne Baldwin

    I am all for it and I am a sucker for french toast. Forget the flowers, honey I want french toast! 😀

    That looks amazing.

  5. Wendi

    Well by all means, give her my contact info. I’m always up for meeting new folks. And if she’s a friend of yours, then I’m sure she’s good people : )

    And would that mean that YOU may be visiting Charm City in the future?

    • she’s great people! sweet as can be and will be bored. her husband is doing his (medical) fellowship and I don’t know if she’ll be working.
      and i sure hope i’ll get to check out that charm(ed) city of yours. it’s been far too long!

  6. Oh my lord. Paula’s a genius! And so are you!

  7. Oh, wow…I think I am in love. I love French toast in all forms!!

  8. i want it now! jeeze that looks yummy. I am going to go eat something bland and gross and pretend its french toast casserole.

  9. Oh. My. God. Holy breakfast goodness, Batman! This looks amazing and will be in my belly about 24 hours from now.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Let me know how you like the makeup!


  10. Oooo…I love that recipe! I’ve made it a few times when when people have been visiting, and once for a Christmas brunch. My favorite part about it is that you can make it the night before, so it’s perfect for impressing overnight guests without having to run around the kitchen in the morning when you’re all groggy.

    • right? it’s not very hard at all….and most people have the majority of these ingredients already in the pantry. hope that the next time i make it, i’ll make it for guests. pretty wrong to just make it for my husband and me. 🙂

  11. Amy

    Looks so awesome, I can almost taste it. Brunch is ON tomorrow!

  12. oh my goodness!!! that’s all i can say. oh my goodness!!! …there, i said it twice!

  13. Ody

    Paula Deen’s must have ingredients:
    1) Butter
    2) Brown Sugar
    3) Lard
    4) Butter
    5) Cinnamon
    6) Butter

    Love the recipe.

  14. sayitinasong

    OK- my saturday morning is looking up…way up! What a fab idea… and yes, I am a sugar-holic, so this’ll do nicely as my fix, thank you!

  15. Rhooby

    I’ve made this recipe many times. It’s like Newman – pure evil!

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