White Trash Wednesday – adult beverage edition

Alright kids, I’m truly disgusted and impressed with this recipe.  And I cannot take credit for any part of this.  Two of my hysterically fun cubemates created this one specifically for White Trash Wednesday.

And it’s called the White Trash Russian:

2 parts mr boston vodka
1 part creamer (as in powdered creamer)
1 part instant coffee (sanka)

add all to a shaker with ice.
shake well and strain into a mason jar.
serve over ice.

Then, drink… While wearing jean shorts and wifebeater.

{thanks to gavin and matt!}



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11 responses to “White Trash Wednesday – adult beverage edition

  1. Dionne Baldwin

    LOL this is awesome thank you for posting. I have a whole case of mason jars waiting to be filled…I’m serving this at our BBQ this weekend just for fun.

  2. Oh, wow… that’s just entirely too special for words.

  3. As one who finds her inner-Dude quite often, you could not pay me to drink this. But I am curious to learn if your co-workers have.

  4. Wendi

    They created it but did they test it?

  5. Okay, you lost me at powdered creamer. Tang, maybe. Powdered creamer, no chance in hell.

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