Green Chicken Posole {your recipes}

I realize that I’m only three recipes in, but I am having a blast testing out your recipes! First, I’m completely fascinated with the selection of recipes I’ve received. Second, it gives me a chance to step out of my usual comfort {pasta} zone.

This time I took to the test kitchen to make Green Chicken Posole.  And the final product was nothing short of mouth watering goodness. 

Today’s recipe is courtesy of Estrella Amaro.

You’ll need:
cooked chicken
1 large can of green enchilada sauce (Estrella recommends Las Palmas)
1 can of hominy
2 cans of white beans
4 cups or so of chicken stock/broth (Better than Boullion from Costco)
frozen spinach (optional)
small can of diced green chilies (also optional)

To make:
Toss everything in a crock pot and walk away. Let it go ’til hungry. As Estrella puts it, it’s “better after a few hours”.

I love this recipe cuz its something that is passed around my family and everyone adds there own twist to it with me it was the beans and spinach others have added green salsa (sooo good) tortilla chips and the toppings are endless and its soo easy.

chicken posole

Estrella, I couldn’t agree more.

{Printable recipe here}


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9 responses to “Green Chicken Posole {your recipes}

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  3. That is the most mouth-watering picture of soup I have ever seen!

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  5. squeeze me a lemon on that and call it a night! YuM!!!

  6. This is an excellent recipe! I love soup and the idea about adding spinach just takes the cake. This one goes gets tagged “goodRecipe” in my Delicious (how appropriate) account. Best of all, it’s done in a crock pot.

    Mike Rocha

  7. After having amazing posole at Souper Jenny’s last year, I was on a mission to find a good version, but never really found one I liked. I am going to try this one and see what I think…I will check back and let you know (will have to wait a few weeks because I am currently crockpot-less!).

    • you know, my favorite posole i’ve ever had was actually at Taqueria Del Sol. Last Christmas they made up a huge batch and basically served it until it was gone. I wish they’d add it to the menu…it was delicious.

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